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Kaizen Theory in life - Constant Improvement.

Updated on November 21, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Kaizen Theory

Nor ready to chance
Nor ready to chance

Kaizen - Constant Improvement.

I came across the word Kaizen recently. It is a Japanese word used for constant improvement. We have seen the quality product from Japan. Made in Japan tag means a quality product. I remember, in India, we go after Japan products in the 1980's and 1990's. Kaizen - theory played a vital role in the improvement of quality products made by Japan.

Not only it improved the quality of the product, but they are also now using this theory to making money. They travel all over the world and making money by teaching the principles. Many companies used the method and made a fortune by adopting the theory.

Kaizen means constant small improvements in the product and the way of work. It requires the participation of the workers who are involved in the manufacturing process. When they are aware of the need and benefit and the part played by them to improve the quality of the product, they are happy to put more efforts to play their part.

To the success of implementing the Kaizen way of work depend on the participation of all level of workers and management of the organization. It is a proven theory and many companies established their name in their respective field by implementing the Kaizen technology.

How we can use the Kaizen theory in our personal life

Now the question is "How we can use the Kaizen theory in our daily life?"

As per the researchers, there are many peculiar qualities in the Kaizen theory which yield its success in the business. One of the peculiar quality of Keizen theory is that it aims for a small improvement at a time. Many are easily achieved this improvement without much difficulty. There is some psychological effect behind the achievement. They are aiming for a small improvement. Which is attainable. And the workers believe that they can achieve the goal. A 1% improvement is easily achievable.

In the beginning, they are not asking for a 10 % or 20% or 50% improvement. Only 1% improvement! That is very easy and believable. We can adjust small changes in the way of our life. Human beings are designed to resist any changes in a big way. But small changes for the betterment of our life can be easily accepted. It is easy for us to make a small change in the way of our thinking and believe the possibility in a small way.

Basically, the improvement is small. But when you constantly do that, over the period it makes a big difference in the product and the way of their working.

In our personal life, we can implement easily the Kaizen theory and achieve more and reach greater heights. Let me explain. You know that 1000 quality hubs will generate more traffic and it will yield you a lot of money. 1000 hubs in a day are not possible. At least one quality hub in a week is possible and achievable. If you have more time, you can do one quality hub in a day.

At the end of the year, you would be having 52 quality hubs in a year if you do one quality hub in a week. Or if you make one quality hub in a day, you will be having 365 hubs at the end of the year. Isn't it amazing? Isn't it believable? Isn't it achievable? The amazing, achievable, believable and attainable goal will increase your faith and you will manifest it at the end of the week. It will increase your experience and the faith in yourself. You will be doing it more often at the end of the year.

When you do that, it will fetch a lot of money into your account without any struggle. Materialized money will motivate you to do more. Finally, you don't have to put more efforts to change. The changes will take place by itself. It will become the part of autopilot within you and you do it automatically. Do not forget. Your aim is a small improvement in the right direction.

Constant improvement means increasing the quality of the hub. If your hub provides more information to the reader, they will return to your hub very often. So increasing the quality of the hub is the key to success. In the desire of creating more hubs, you may create more poor quality hubs. It will not generate traffic or money. At the end of the year, you will be having many hubs without any traffic, which is useless. So be careful in creating ensuring quality of your hubs.

The above is just an example for you to understand the way the Kaizen theory work in your life. You can practice Kaisen other areas of your personal life. You can try it in your relationship. If you put a small effort to change in the way of your behavior with your spouse, it will make a big difference at the end of the year. You would be loving each other more than before. Small steps like appreciating your spouse for the good food, or the help he or she does for you. Ignore the mistake of your spouse and show your love and care. At least thank her for being with you once in a while will build your relationship in a positive way. I am sure, small steps will make big difference in your personal life.

Do you doubt a hike in your pay cheque if you put Kaizen theory in your work? Small steps in improving your work will also make big difference in your performance. Small goal is believable, reachable and attainable easily. You can believe it and attain it. As every action of a human being is based on his faith, it is important for you to set an achievable, believable goal. Kaizen is connected to your faith. You know the secret of the manifestation is the faith.

Put Kaizen theory in every walk of your life. While socializing with your friends, in your work, in your relationship, in your spiritual life, in your dealings make small improvements constantly.

Continuity of the improvement is another factor which affects the result. So make sure, you constantly making improvements. If continuity is not there, you don't expect much difference in the end result. So, maintain continuity.

Wish you all the best in leading a successful life.


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