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What is Hubpages and How can you use Hubpages for publishing your articles and earn money?

Updated on November 20, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

My experiment with hubpages

When I started with Hubpages, I thought It was another scam. I was the very skeptic because of many online scams prevailed in the net. I tried many referral programs. They promised me to pay for promoting their products. But I never got a dime from those programs. When I happened to know about the (I don't remember how I came to know about it) and google Adsense, I thought that it is another scam. Still, I joined for just test and see how it works. I am glad that I made the right decision. In the first month, after the approval of my Adsense account, I got a few visits but without any money. The second month I earned few cents, that encouraged me to continue with Hubpages.

Another thing that motivated me to go ahead with the experiment was that I am dealing with well-reputed companies like Google and I am glad that I took that decision to experiment it. Without any investment, except my time and Internet connection, I started my journey towards a new horizon. It was well worth to take that initiative. Thanks to the encouraging people who throng around the forum of HubPages, who guided me whenever there is a question. Without them, I could have been stumbled and quit the journey half way without any earnings.

First-month earnings were in cents. Again I thought, In this way, It would take many years to reach the minimum payment limit. In the second month also it was a few cents. Not reaching a Dollar. I was skeptic about the program. But I am glad I was reading all the experienced hubber's comments in the forum. Some said it would take many months to reach the minimum payment limit of 100 dollars. I listened to them and I continued my experiment with the

But I noticed one thing. As the number of hubs increased, the earnings increased. New hubs and old hubs are working simultaneously and generating money for me. Old hubs are an asset and new ones are the add-on to that asset. Another advantage of HubPages is that it is an automated system which put money into my account automatically. I don't have to work continuously as I did with other programs. Just write an article and publish it. It will generate money for me in the coming years and put that money into my account. What a wonderful way of making money.

After a few months, I am started to earn money in dollars. 5 dollars, 7 dollars, 10 dollars. It was growing. It increased my hope. I created more hubs. And at last, after 14 months, I reached my minimum payment limit. It took only 4 months to reach my second payout limit. Then I received my third payout within 3 months. Now I am getting paid every month.

I know if you happened to face any of the online scams, you would be the skeptic in joining HubPages or blogging.

Please read success stories at

24 x 7 Profit machine

Now for me, Hubpages is a 24 x 7 money making machine. No investment in terms of money. Jest invest your knowledge and experience in the form of hubs. It is working well with me and many of my fellow hubbers. Many are making a living out of it. They are free. They don't have to report to their boss. They don't have to attend the office. They can work from home or beach or where ever they want. I think they are wise people. Some are doing it as a part-time work. Some are building it to generate passive income. There is no deadline for their work. There is no stress. People are enjoying their life. Don't you want to join them?

This is a wonderful and legitimate online money making system with a proven track record. You will find a list of successful hubbers who are making a lot of money.

What you need for starting it

Think about getting a million hits a day for your website or Blogs or your HubPages ..... for the rest of your life... How would you like that?

There are chances that you would be getting hundreds and thousands of dollars every day/month in your bank account. How do you like that?

You are a few steps away from your dream come true!!!

Generate money for you for the rest of your life!!

No investment! No sales calls! No email campaign! No registration fee! No start up cost!

Just have an email account and passion to win and succeed.

Read carefully below article and do it!!

What is Hubpages and How can you use it for publishing your articles and earn money?

If you do not have your own website or cannot afford a website, here is the for you. You can write/publish your articles and get paid for the visitors who view your articles. These articles are called Hubs. If you want to publish another article with a different subject, you can start a new hub. You can edit, delete or add contents to your hubs whenever you want to do that. Please note, the articles published on other websites are not encouraged to publish in hub pages even if it is written by you. So be cautious about it. You don't have to know about HTML or PHP etc.

Hubpages are simple and user-friendly. You need not pay for web space or domain name for hosting your web pages. Everything is absolutely free. No hidden cost or membership fee etc. On the other hand, there are provisions for earning money from your hubs. Anyone can join Hubpages and create his own hubs. There is no pre-set requirement or qualifications to join hubpages. Many ordinary people are there who share their knowledge and earn money. It is not a get rich quick program. Initially, the earnings are very slow, once your hubs start to get visitors, you will earn money. Patience is required to start with. You will get 60% of Google Adsense pageviews. 40% of the pageviews will be the Hubpages share which provides you with a place to earn free of cost.

To get a good idea about Hubpages please visit

To sign up please visit:

After joining please publish a few quality hubs and make an impressive profile page which will help you in getting the Google Adsense account.

Then don't forget to join and create your own account for the following affiliate setting:

1. Google AdSense
2. account (Earnings form this account is fully yours, no sharing with HubPages)
3. eBay account (Earnings form this account is fully yours, no sharing with HubPages)
4. Hubpages Ad Program (Earnings form this account is fully yours, no sharing with HubPages)
5. Google Analytical (This is to track your web traffic)

Visiting some hubs will give you a brief idea about hubs. Actively participating in Hub page forum and ask questions about your doubts or problems. It may generate more visitors to your hubpages. Honestly saying, it took 3-4 months for me to understand everything. Wish you a happy hubbing.

Did I forget to say about "Marketing your hubpages"? There are many ways to market your hubpages. Below the hub, you will see a green button-(Share it) Use this button to share it with your friends. There are many ways like email to your friend, Link to this page, Twitter, Blogger, Digg, MySpace, Facebook etc. etc.

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to use the comment box below, It would be my pleasure to assist you.

To know about the earnings from Hubpages please click here

Different types of income

Passive income is an income received with little or no effort required to maintain it and the income received on a regular basis. There are three types of incomes. Passive income, Active Income, and portfolio income. Active income is the income you generate by actively participate in a business or working for an organization etc. Whenever you stop working or doing business, this income will stop. It depends on your active participation. Tips, commission, brokerage, wages, etc. come under this category.

Portfolio income is the income generated from investments. It includes income from dividend, bonus, royalties, interests and capital gains.

Passive income is the income from business activities in which you do not materially participate. Residual income also comes under the passive income. Here you will be receiving income for the work you did once, such as repeated sales income earned by a salesperson for the repeated sales, insurance agent get paid whenever the policyholder renews his policy. Network marketing people earn money from the sale of products from the downline, a photographer getting paid whenever his photograph used by publishers or advertisers, Rent from the property, Royalty from the sale of books or other intellectual property etc are examples of residual income. Passive income is generally taxable income.

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