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Spiritual and real life

Updated on November 11, 2013

hypocrisy uncovered

We had an uncle who was very bold and courageous enough to raise his voice even in the middle of the crowd. One day as our local church was celebrating its annual festival, and there comes a medicine seller who was thin and skinny. In the street corner he placed his box. Upon the box he displayed medicine bottles along with two pictures of a guy, before and after using the medicine.

He was calling people and telling them the qualities of the medicine. One picture shows the photo of a man with skinny and thin body taken before using the medicine. Another photo shows the healthy body of the same guy after using the medicine. The medicine seller was calling people and many were gathered around him to listen about the medicine. He was claiming that if you use the medicine for a month or two your body will turn healthy enough to do any hard work just as in the picture.

Our uncle also came there and was listening to his claims. After listening him for a few minutes, uncle attracted the attention of the crowed by clapping his hands and told the crowd and the medicine seller that first the medicine seller should use the medicine and prove that the medicine will work in his body then we will buy the medicine. Everyone gathered around agreed the suggestion of the uncle and left immediately. Sadly medicine seller also packed his things and left. I remember the incident very often.

Me and my hypocrisy

Before we try to sell an idea or product, we must prove that it will work well with us.  The other day I saw a man who was selling the weight loose product. He was very fatty and was not able to walk properly.  I remembered my uncle and the incident.  How can he convince his buyer that his medicine will work when he himself has having a lot of weight.   To convince somebody about a product or idea we must prove it in our very own life.  I have seen many preachers who are preaching about blessings when they are not blessed in their very own life.  How can a man preach about blessings when he himself is not blessed. 

I was screening and watching people with the thought that we should not teach or preach thing which are not proved in our life.  Then suddenly I remembered the words of Jesus.  "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

Then I started to look at my life.  What am I doing? If I am not able to receive the healing touch of God, How can I tell the healing touch of God to someone else and pray for him.  If I am not blessed, how can I teach about blessings to others?  If my life is not filled with truth and happiness, how can I teach and preach about truth and happiness? Am I like the medicine seller?  No one will accept what I have to say if I am not practicing it in my life. There is no truth in my words.

In fact, I am blessed with many things.  I am blessed with good parents.  I am blessed with a good wife and beautiful children.  I am blessed with a good flat in a nice residential area.  I am blessed with a job and a decent salary.  People who are qualified than me are not getting what I am getting (I agree that there are exceptions).  God blessed me and I am happy.

Still I found there are areas in my life where I need to improve.  Improvement in my actions.  Improvement in my faith.  Improvement in my thoughts and views. Improvements in my relations.

Sometimes I ask myself that "am I following the crowed or my conviction?   Am I influencing the surroundings or the surroundings influencing me? What is the goal of my life?

Let me ask you to join us as we marching ahead with a goal.  "The peace and happiness of the mankind".


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    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks Jesusmyjoy for your kind visit and comment. May God bless you.

    • jesusmyjoy profile image

      Betty Bolden 6 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

      great work, yes we have to prove things for us before others will know it works or will work for them..

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks pmccray for your kind visit and comment.

      Yes there is lot of hypocrisy which we are not aware of or which we ignore.

      Thanks for the encouraging comment.

    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

      Great hub. Too many of us get caught up in the act of hypocrisy unknowingly. This is why I'm not in the selling industry. Unless I've tried the product I refuse to hawk it's greatness.

      It's not honest and I just can't do it, it's lying as far as I can see and I never could abide liars. Peace to you friend.

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks all for your kind visit and comment.

    • youcanwin profile image

      youcanwin 7 years ago

      nice hub

    • profile image

      johnnynaakea 7 years ago

      Good hub article! I vote this up!

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thank you all for your kind visit, comments and votes.

      Thank you very much.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Good information, my friend. I learn much from you. We have to grateful still alive and surrounded by good people. Very inspiring hub. Vote this Up.


    • PaulaK profile image

      Paula Kirchner 7 years ago from Austin. Texas

      Great hub. Very thought provoking.

    • Sky321 profile image

      Sky321 7 years ago from Canada

      Great hub and a wonderful lesson. Sometimes I feel this way as well. Thank you for sharing.

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      I do appreciate all the love and support people have been sending my way. The extra social support really helps. Knowing that people are finding value in these updates gives me more motivation to keep going. So thank you all for that!

    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 7 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      You seem to know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it.I am proud to have read this. Good for you!

    • Marliza Gunter profile image

      Marliza Gunter 7 years ago from South Africa

      This is beautiful...In my view, God is controversial...He uses poor people to preach the wealth of the Kingdom...He uses dump people to outsmart the doctrinal smart ones...He uses children to bring the mighty to shame...Jesus was poor, drank wine and had fellowship with sinners of all kinds...Jesus Himself could not resurrect His own Father (Joseph) when he died...but Jesus had to do it for other His own life there was poverty and tears...He hung on a cross, a King, yet the man alongside Him had to have an enormous faith to ask Jesus in that bloody, painful and hopeless moment to think of him when He comes into His Kingdom...that's how God drove the sword into every soul to see where a persons heart really is...that's called Faith...many blessings to you... :)

    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 7 years ago from Somewhere out there

      This hub reminds me of a story concerning a mother who went up to Ghandi with her small boy in tow.

      She asked Ghandi to tell her child not to eat sugar as the boy took no notice of his mother. Ghandi looked at the boy and then at the mother and said. "come back in two weeks" The poor mother, confused and bewildered did as Ghandi said and returned in two weeks.

      In front of Ghandi once more, Ghandi told the boy to stop eating sweets and sugar. The mother didn't understand and asked Ghandi why he could not have said this two weeks ago.

      Ghandi said "two weeks ago I was also eating sugar". Nice hub!

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks C V Rajan for your kind visit and comment

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks samsons1 for your uplifting comment

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 7 years ago from Kerala, India

      A loud thinking that's sound!

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 7 years ago from Kerala, India

      A loud thinking that's sound!

    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      voted up & beautiful! True how true - and I see the 'still small voice' of the Holy Spirit leading you to an even closer relationship with Jesus. Perfect hub that convicts us to want more of Him in our lives...

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      I appreciate your uplifting comment.

      Thanks a lot

    • profile image

      khmohsin 7 years ago

      Awesome... I really really like this all. It is 100% true that first we should fix ourselves then we have the right to criticize. Amazing.

      I have spent many years in applying psychological practices and found that most of the people are stressed only due to hypocrisies. We should avoid it as much as we can.

      If i say that my inner and outer are different then it means I am hypocrite. But If inner and outer are same then it means I am crystal clear. Its all our fault, we should speak wise and should keep ourselves clear from such bad habits. Our one lie will benefit us a little but may destroy other a lot... So why can not we stop this all..

      I really appreciate your hub, your way of thinking and your style of writing. Its great effort. Nice .. Well, keep it up

      Best Regards