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Mary Mary, Quite Contrary, How do Your HubNuggets Grow?

Updated on September 8, 2015

With faithful fans
and hubs with class
and accolades all in a row!

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf

A long day's work...

Gardener Jason sighed. The garden was completely over grown with weeds. So much for an hour or two of work, this was an all day job.

To top it all the new batch of HubNugget wannabes were due, and he really couldn't spare the time gardening - he needed to be available to help out the team. As he could barely see the flowers for the weeds, he knew he had to do this. Grabbing his spade and hoe, Gardener Jason headed for the garden.

After half an hour had passed, Jason paused to check his progress. A huge pile of wilting weeds lay near the pathway, and the beginnings of a flower garden was starting to emerge.

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf

Misery loves company...

"...Anybody home?" a disembodied voice chimed. The sunny face of Sunflower Simone popped around the corner, adding dimension to the query.

"Oh wonderful!" She exclaimed. "You're gardening! Looks like I arrived at just the right time." She grinned and grabbed some gloves and a trowel. "Move over Jason, I want in on this!"

Before Gardener Jason could recover from his surprise, the sound of another voice floated across the garden.

"Is there a gardening party in here?" Maddie Marigold asked.

"It appears there is one now," laughed Gardener Jason. "But what about the HubNuggets? Shouldn't one of us be at the office to help the team?"

"If we start now, we can have your garden done and be back in the office in an hour - two tops!" Sunflower Simone said. "Plenty of time to help the team...after all, they can handle almost anything. I say let's get digging!"

"Okay - Marigold Maddie, you can start with the RedElf Pussywillows and ripplemaker Periwinkles. Sunflower Simone, you get the Patty EnglishRose and ladyslipperjane1s, and I'll take the Enelle Lamb's Ears and Gladiola Gals."

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf

Surprise Seedlings...

Marigold Maddie attacked the weeds with gusto. Bits of dirt flew from her trowel as she pulled and dug. One weed after another piled up beside her as she worked. As soon as the pile was big enough, she stuffed them into the paper garden waste bags for composting.

Working on, she grabbed a long, strange looking weed that was nestled between two RedElf Pussywillows and ripplemaker Periwinkles. Marigold Maddie pulled...and pulled...and pulled! Suddenly it popped free and tangled in the roots was the largest peanut she had ever seen.

"Jason - take a look at this!" She exclaimed, holding it aloft for inspection.

"Holy cow - that has to be the biggest nut I've ever seen!" Gardener Jason said. "Let's see what's inside," he grinned.

Cracking open the shell he was surprised to see a large green leaf that unrolled like a window shade.

"This isn't a peanut! This looks suspiciously like a Hubnugget wannabe nomination!"

"Hold on a minute! Marigold Maddie called. "I think I can see more over here." Sure enough, after a bit of digging and quite a bit of pulling, Maddie held up five more 'peanuts'. "You're right Jason, these aren't peanuts - these are peanugget plants!" Each one contained a HubNugget wannabe nomination.

The three gardeners gathered around the leaves and read out the titles.

Which one of this week's Business and Employment nominees is your favorite?

  • 63% Host your own website easily
  • 3% How to Spot Job Scams
  • 22% The Upsides to the Downturn
  • 3% The Procrastinator's Guide to Entrepreneurship
  • 5% Passion + Interest + Talent = Career
  • 5% My Accidental Assistant
104 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf

Found a peanugget...

After seeing the results of Maddie Marigold's hard work, Sunflower Simone was not to be outdone! She dug and weeded and dug some more! Marigold Maddie and Gardener Jason could hardly keep up as they stuffed the weeds into bags.

Suddenly, there it was...sheltered by the Patty EnglishRose thorns and thick foliage of the delicate LadyslipperJane1s...a long, strange looking peanugget plant that promised to be something special poked out from the ground.

Pulling so hard she felt her arms would pop, the weed finally came free, and again, nestled in the roots was a peanugget.

Setting it aside, Sunflower Simone continued weeding until she had six peanuggets. Again, the little group gathered round as the shells were cracked open and there in the dirt lay another six HubNugget wannabe nominations!

Which one of this week's Pets and Animals nominees is your favorite?

  • 58% Adopting Boo
  • 9% Rose-breasted Grosbeak: A Colorful Addition to Our Yard
  • 6% Cow Cats - The New Feline Breed!
  • 9% Caring for a Paraplegic Dog
  • 0% Birds of Mediterranean Shores
  • 17% How A Horse Changed My Life
53 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf
Image by RedElf

Good things come in threes...

"If I'm not mistaken, there should be another six of those peanugget plants in here," Gardener Jason said. Since I already had half of this plot done before Sunflower Simone and Maddie Marigold arrived, they should be easy to spot."

Searching diligently among the Enelle Lamb's Ears and Gladiola Gals, Gardener Jason pulled and dug. His efforts didn't go unrewarded, as the very next weed he grabbed turned out to be a peanugget plant!

He renewed his search and soon discovered another peanugget, and another. By the time he had finished weeding, "These are the last six," Gardener Jason said.

The trio gathered the peanuggets and one by one, cracked them open.

Inside were the last six HubNugget wannabe nominations.

"We better get these to the team pronto," Sunflower Simone said."

"Wow, Jason, you got everything done that you wanted to!" Marigold Maddie said. "Not only did you get your gardening done, with a little help from your friends, but you helped out the team at the same time!"

"Yes," Gardener Jason agreed with a grin. "I couldn't have planned this better if I had tried! Let's get these back to the office...and thanks for your help. I couldn't have done it this quickly without you."

"Not a problem, Jason, we were happy to help...and your garden looks WONDERFUL!"

Which one of this week's Technology nominees is your favorite?

  • 57% Which Facebook Personality Are You?
  • 14% Social Networking Helping those in Need
  • 4% Defriended On Facebook? 8 Ways To Lose Friends
  • 14% The Social Network: Is Facebook Killing Us?
  • 2% The New Type of Satirical Joking: Memes
  • 9% I Breathe, I Eat, I Live, iPhone
56 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.


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