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My Humor Needs an Audience!!!

Updated on March 13, 2011

I Will Not Be Ignored!!!

I was going through some of my hubs and realized that I am very funny. Sometimes though, my greatest wit is shown in my comments. I thought I would publish my more humorous comments in one hub so all of my numerous fans do not have to search all over Hubpages to see every word I write (I know you do).

This hub focuses on comments from my own hubs. Later (if I am not flagged for publishing comments), I will put together hubs that focus on comments I made in the forums and on other people's hubs.

From My Hubs

Horror Movies That Don't Suck:

supafly says: There is one big problem...these demons look just like regular human beings. way to give the whole movie away dumbass.

imadork says: Supafly...I did not give away anything. The fact that the demons look like regular humans is not a spoiler. Watch the movie before you call me a dumbass. If you have seen the movie then you need a few more IQ points to understand the movie.

The Hope and the Horror:

jjrubio says: Wow that was very well written as interesting as it was. I was caught off guard about the "passing gas" but hey it pulled me in...=)

imadork says: Thanks jjrubio. A good fart story can rival the works of Shakespeare.

Is Wii Cool? Yeah Man, Wii's Cool.

blowballs says: By the hold the "B" button to hang on to the ball before letting it go in bowling...not the "A" button genius. May wanna correct that on your nintendo-ass-kissing rampage you've posted here Wii Wii sucker.

imadork says: Sorry Blowballs. I will do that for you right now. Damn...and I thought I was a dork. I believe you take the cake. By the way...I would like to see you talk to me like that to my face, pussy.

Bah Humbug!!! The Scrooge Nobody Mentions.

blowballs says: Everyone knows Johnny Depp's Chocolate movie was just fine in it's own respect. He did a great job. Not that it can be compared at all with the is a solid movie on it's own plateau. What's wrong with you? (well, coming from a homosexual who's not into musicals....but then goes and lists a plethora of them that he's in love with, what else can we expect, right?) Damn, I'm mean.

imadork says: Blowballs: EVERYONE knows? You sure are real sure of yourself. A little tip...never say absolutes like that; it makes you look stupid.

PS...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sucks! Only homos like that version.

Deep Thoughts - by Paris Hilton

Cris A says: are you close friends with her? or do you just happen to be telepathic? or you are indeed Paris trying to be a hubber (can't tell from the avatar though)? LOL

imadork says: I channeled her. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Clear your mind of everything.

Cris A says: Woooow (drooling)

dana825 says: hahaha this was funny. i can tell you are clearly not into dumbasses like paris hilton.

imadork says: Thanks Dana! Paris is like a Jack-O-Lantern...Nice to look at but not much substance within.

The Truth Behind US Airway Crash on the Hudson:

goldentoad says: Killing me! I hope we can duck them in the future and provide safety for all...

imadork says: Yes Goldentoad. The media seems to be downplaying this. Canadian Geese my ass!!!

(click link above understand the joke)

What Is This Thing?

goldentoad says: man, just stroke your little pet and relax.

imadork says: I'm spanking my monkey as I type. It's hard to spank my monkey one handed.

goldentoad says: I thought it was an Aye-Aye...

imadork says: An aye-aye is a type of monkey I guess. My aye-aye is a bad boy and needs a good spanking every now and then.

goldentoad says: I just wish your aye-aye would quit looking at me.

imadork says: The aye-aye pic on this hub is taken from the net. My aye-aye is missing an eye. I still spank away on that one-eyed aye-aye!

Bret Michaels: Love Eludes the Rockin' Romeo:

sukkran says: hi, great hub. i like it.

imadork says: Thanks Sukkran! My famished ego needs compliments like a tweaking housewife needs a mop and bucket. I appreciate it!

I Have a Man-Crush On Jack Bauer:

snowballs says: Oh.....and by the way, your attraction to Jack Bauer in no way affects your sexual orientation. I think if Jack was gay, his name would be Chuck Norris.

imadork says: Blow/Snowballs: Thanks for the compliment. If Jack was gay I'd still hang out with him. I wouldn't do anything; just hang out watching tv...maybe with our shirts off, like a couple of bros having a good time.

I'm Gonna Mind Fcuk the Siht Outta You!:

earnestshub says: Very bloody funny! We Australians are not very funny so we put bloody in a sentence like an excaimation mark, hoping that will be funny enough to sound funny. Funny eh?

imadork says: Earnest: Crikey! You sure are a bloke who yabbers alot! Seems like you been hittin' the boozers or bottle-os a bit much! Good onya though with a gutfull of piss and the wobbly boot on. Go take a Pommy shower and if you feel stuffed, beat on the old fella and crash.


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