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A Sojourner’s Tale Sharing his Hubber’s Life

Updated on February 26, 2017
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Tim Mitchell is an avid learner adventuring into many interests. He enjoys sharing those experiences and discovered knowledge.

Setting for a tale sharing stuff about stuff about writing and Hubbing

Once again he caught his favorite torn, ragged shirt on the edge of the chair’s weathered arm. Even though its leathery comfort was like morning’s lovely blue sky, It was laced with darkened, stormy clouds. Terror had struck like a bolt of lightning. He half grimaced while chuckling, “Damn”.

Sitting back grasping the half crushed pack of cigarettes he fought eternal damnation’s temptation. “Damn” echoed louder within the small room’s walls. With a scowl, he tilted his head downward toward his left upon them. Suddenly, a glimpse of his beloved friend caught his eye. Her bright smile shone like the rising sun outside. He forcefully pushed the pack aside.

Artists and craftsman are visited by muse. They don't have to be of Greek myth. They may be a flowering bloom on an early morning.
Artists and craftsman are visited by muse. They don't have to be of Greek myth. They may be a flowering bloom on an early morning. | Source

Writers’ have muses. You never know when one touches you

Happily she shared that smile in a silver framed picture. She stood against a tree carefully aiming her camera within the wooded Swedish forest. He always wondered what her creative eye spied in the distance. Was it a muse leading her to a beginning to:

  • Pen one her of poems about life’s adventure
  • Hope's becoming blessings
  • Appreciating nature at its best
  • Or, inspired one of her illustrations

For him, that picture was inspirational opening doors wider as a writer. He remembered and was encouraged of a poem she wrote; "Don't Forget Who You Are" by Sannel Larson. That resonated with him as he continued writing on his passage.

Within his mind, he asked what might there be with today’s adventure? Smiling he thought of the frigid fall morning painted with fallen golden leaves she stood in. He hoped he was touched by his muse. Cordially the dance began . . .

Haiku’s Invitation to Write

Haiku be nature,

Hidden song is of wisdom,

Golden leaves a tale.

A peek at HubPages Home Page with its treasures

Each visit by anyone to the Home Page there is invitation to read an article by a Hubber. Each has vested time, energy, and exercised their growing skills.
Each visit by anyone to the Home Page there is invitation to read an article by a Hubber. Each has vested time, energy, and exercised their growing skills. | Source

Morning Life at HubPages

After checking emails and Facebook he advanced onward to (HP). It was always a daily adventure catching up on stuff:

  • Checking Stats
  • Answers to Questions he posed
  • And, then the daily feed for:
  • Recent published Hubs
  • Answers at questions
  • Forum posts
  • Social interactions with comments

Next, a trip to the Forums for helps from the community. He is thankful for those. So, he ventured again along his pathway checking recent posts at the community forum for:

  • Keeping up with all the Newest HP Annoucements
  • Ins and outs of information writing
  • Important stuff for being successful at HP
  • Publishing online through HP and for blogs/websites too
  • Technical bits and bytes about HP, Google, and the internet
  • And, the topical Forum for discussions of this and that with opinions such as politics

Now he ventured onward to the Question and Answer (Q&A) section where:

  • People’s curiosity was shared about most anything
  • Answers given some humble, some bold, and some just because it is a privilege
  • Opinions are shared in different context
  • And, social interactions of different sorts with comments

Certainty shared it was a writer's community each contributing in some way.

Why not write a poll because it has value

Have those resources helped you on your adventure as a Hubber

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Love those leaves falling like writing pages for a book. That book may be of fiction, an anthology of poems, or delve deeply sharing information.
Love those leaves falling like writing pages for a book. That book may be of fiction, an anthology of poems, or delve deeply sharing information. | Source

Another Haiku

Words like leaves of fall,

Colors of red, yellow, gold,

They are writer’s tale.

One of his quests writing that early day was to discover a lost portion of his writer’s voice. Seemed it was lost on his trail of learning, exploring, and discovering writing informational articles. He knew other writer’s had their own unique voice. So, onward his fingers danced upon the keyboard freely.

More inspiration arrives from odd places, events, and words of a friend

When done with the beginning of the morning voyage he remembered a friend published a newest article. He dashed back to the feed. There it was titled; The Battle With Our and Other's Reality, by Eric Dierker. He liked Eric always wrote articles in the context of Love. That is his writer's voice. So, he began reading.

The article was in regard to creative thinking contrasting linear where caution was expressed. The quote is; “What we are saying is that they are boxing you in if you let them”. A subheading at Eric’s article gave another answer and became a bit and byte of inspiration; “I was so afraid to hit the publish button. Baby if I can do it peeing my pants, you can do it better.”

Reading that he decided he would publish the journal session he used for practicing writing. Encouraged he thanked him silently. He researched a proper category at HP. Discovering HubPages Tutorials and Community → Help for New Hubbers → Introduction to HubPages, he found an appropriate home. Every now and then looking for writing ideas he visited the HP Topic tree. He uses the browser's 'find feature' to look for a particular interest.

He gazed at the middle green button. Although it dared him, he knew it opened a very wide door to opportunity.
He gazed at the middle green button. Although it dared him, he knew it opened a very wide door to opportunity. | Source

A bit and a byte of stuff to consider

Certainty says information articles are the focus of HP because business is business. Thus, quality is revered. It is advised to learn basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That type of article will get valuable organic traffic from Google that grows and grows. The more evergreen an article is the better its longevity.

He knew he could always visit the FAQ and Learning Center now called HubPages Help for answers. Plus, listen to the experienced at the forums, Q&A, and hubs by fellow Hubber’s offering information. And, he did not know of anyone who did not measure up to stuff being kicked out. That only leaves fear and we know what is said about that. No venture, no gain.

After all weren’t we taught practice, practice, and practice as children? I remember Vince Lombardi saying, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. Thus, we seek each time to be more perfect with each article written or revised not matter what type we write.

Even if not Featured, the community could see it and provide feedback if they desired. After all HP is a community of writers of many, many sorts. Why else all the topics. He knew it was not hard to share at Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, or Pinterest and other sites for more readers. Views are views. Besides, he knew learning was an adventure and everyone has their own. And he had the ‘power’ to delete and try again.

Title: At times a fork in the road is a resting place

Sometimes the pathway of learning is long trail. And, there may be forks  along the way. Which to choose may be the challenge itself.
Sometimes the pathway of learning is long trail. And, there may be forks along the way. Which to choose may be the challenge itself. | Source

Bonuses are incentives for certain goals, but there are many goals

Who knows what will happen he thought. There is a ‘bonus’ on the learning adventure for future articles to consider. They ‘may’ be moved to a Niche Site. He pondered the Niche Site editorial policy. He earlier had spied there was an Important queue named More at those sites at the upper left corner. At the bottom of the opened window was a link to that site's Editorial Policy he could review.

But, again that is a ‘bonus’, but really a main key to unlock the business scheme of things. Or, is it that only? What about writing creatively with humor, fiction, or poem? Why they even have a Niche Site called Letter Pile for literature including creative writing. Yes, its aim is with literature through informational articles too.

He chuckled thinking truth is truth. Thoughtfully smiling he realized there are truths like a poem penned by him was moved to it. Perhaps, other friends at HP have too with creative humor, poem, and fiction articles? It just has to meet criteria, pass the Quality Assessment Process (QAP), and be chosen. More help is taking a gander at the criteria for both informational and creative articles. Those are easily toggled between.

Assuredly he would remember the Elements of a Stellar Hub. He knew he had written well passed the minimum of 1,150 words. Matter of fact that was his writer's curse . . . TMI. So, ahead lay edit, edit, and edit a new skill being learned. Word was helpful and he used Hemingway editor with a minimal download cost, although is available online for a copy/paste. Perhaps as he suggested he would delete later and rewrite. Who knows maybe some other Hubber will do a better work than his as an informational article instead of an experiment discovering his writer's voice.

It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.

— Ernie Harwell

Once again he explored the Niche Sites. Some words shared a few times with him by a supervisor in the workplace resonated with him; “Always have fun, fun, fun . . . as best as can be when you play and when your work”.

Table of Niche Sites and Subcategories

All Terrain Vehicles
Appetizers & Snacks
Home Improvement
Advanced Ancient Civilization
Aches & Pains
Board Games
Animal Sports
Action-Adventure Games
Advice Column
Artists & Bands
Tattoo Ideas
Cell Phones
Adoption & Foster Care
Auto Buying & Selling
Fashion Accessories
Baked Goods
Animal Guides
Alternative Medicine
Card Games
Gift Ideas
Fantasy Sports
Classic Games
Agriculture & Farming
Climbing & Hiking
Concerts & Genre
Getting Tattooed
Finding a Job
Packing & Preparation
Auto Repair
Fashion Industry
Workout Routines
Children's Health
Greeting Cards
Individual Sports
Creative Writing
Fish & Aquariums
Film Industry
Extreme Sports
Frugal Living
Consumer Electronics
Automotive Industry
Fitness Equipment
Breakfast Foods
Lawn Games
Team Sports
Newspapers & Magazines
Social Sciences
Reptiles & Amphibians
Fishing & Shooting
Instruments & Gear
Fixing Tattoos
Graphic Design & Video Editing
Travel Destinations
Family Relationships
Campers & Motorhomes
Gyms, Studios & Classes
Cooking Equipment
Disease, Illness & Conditions
Party Games
Party Planning
The Olympics
Fighting Games
Recreational Cycling
Social Issues
Learning to Play
Getting Pierced
Home Theatre & Audio
Travel Package & Tours
Having a Baby
Hygiene & Grooming
Psychology & Motivation
Dairy & Eggs
Interior Design
Textiles & Sewing
Eye Care
Performing Arts
First Person Games
Gender & Sexuality
Water Sports
US Politics
Pierced Types
Personal Finance
Industrial Technology
Commercial Vehicles
Vitamins & Supplements
Desserts & Sweets
Home Appliances
Fortune Telling & Divination
First Aid
Horror Games
Exotic Pets
Wilderness Survival
World Politics
Real Estate
Youth Programs
Motorcycles & Scooters
Dining Out
Pest Control
Health Care Industry
Tabletop Gaming
Physical Intimacy
Scams & Fraud

He reviewed the names of each Niche site with subheadings below. Certainly searching the name at Google the site will be found. There he can read the policy for it found at the More queue at the upper left corner and check out the Editorial Policy below. Then he was going to read some articles as examples and plan a next writing adventure.

© 2017 Tim Mitchell


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