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Thanks Hubpages, Thanks fellow hubbers

Updated on July 11, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Thank God

I had a pleasant drive today as today is a public holiday. Roads were empty. While driving to work I saw some people who are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Some familiar faces. I used to travel by bus till two years back. They were the same people who were traveling with me. Many changes have taken place over these two and a half years. Many were grown weak and old. Roads are modified and widened. New flyovers are built at many crossings. No need to wait for the green signals. Now traveling takes only less than half of what was earlier. I thank God for giving me a means of transport. Otherwise, I would have to stand at the bus stop and wait for the bus. Now I can travel at any time I want to travel. Not as per the timing of the bus. Many times I missed my bus for the difference of a minute or seconds. Then wait for another 15 to 20 minutes for another bus in that route. Reaching late to my work. Now I can adjust my timing by changing the speed of travel by 5 to 10 minutes. My heart filled with gratitude. I don't know how to thank God for all the blessings.

Two and a half years back I bought a bike. Since then it takes around 45 to 55 minutes to reach my work. Earlier it was 2 hours journey. Change two buses and 10 minutes walk from bus stop. Now I am missing my walk from work. I liked that evening walk after the work. It was a stress removing walk after the work. I am out of the four walls of the building and ceiling. It is like I am locked up in a jail, inside the office. When I am out of the building, I am free. Looking up the sky and wide roads and parks make me feel good and free. That is the time to say "thank you Lord" for the blessings in my work. Now I am missing the evening walk. It was keeping me in shape too.

Now when I get down from the building where I work, I go to the parking area and get on my motor bike. Now driving become a stress remover. I like it. When we look back, there are many changes happening everywhere. Even our own life. There was a time when I was dreaming to having a mobile phone. That time it was a luxury for the highly successful. Some business men had mobile phone that time. Now it is a devise of common people. I remember the days of typing out letters on the typewriter. Then came the electronic typewriters. When I saw a small and portable electronic typewriter in the 1990's I wanted to have one. Now they are useless and can be found in museums. That time I never thought I would be using a computer in my later part of life.

10 to 20 years back Internet and email was available only to those corporates and Hi-Fi offices. Having a personal email ID was a luxury. Now it is available to common men. We are changing. Our knowledge increased over the years. We climbed the stepping stones. We used MS DOS program, then Windows. Windows also traveled from MS DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98 and then Windows me etc.. I thank God for all the developments and blessing He brought in my life.

Now we have Hubpages. Where we can write and share it with our friends and to the general public. I was looking for a ways to earn money since I came to know about the potentials of the Internet. Earlier I signed up for paid to read emails. I joined and got a lot of emails. But I never get paid. Then I wrote on where they allowed the users to write and publish stories, bloges and poems. I wrote and published many articles there. That was just for fun. Many of my friends wrote stories. Then Sulekha introduced points systems for the writers and publishers. I got many points. Using the points I bought a pressure cooker. That was the first reward that I got for my writing carrier. Then they discontinued that system.

One and a half year back I came to know about Hubpages while surfing Internet. I don't know who got the credit of my joining. There is no way to know about it in hubpages. I also joined. Initially I did not qualified for adsense and refused. Then my application got approved. First month I got no earnings. Then the second month I got some cents. After few moths it become dollars. And last moth I get paid. I recived it in Indian Ruppes.  It is equal to a months wages for a unskilled worker in India. It is really wonderful. Something is better than nothing. Now I take this time to thank God and Hubpages to showing the way and giving me an opportunity to write. Over the years my writing skill improved. I know many of my hubs will be generating money for me in the coming years. Isn't it awesome?

I don't remember who showed me the way to Hubpages or under whom I joined at hubpages. Any way I thank that person who showed me the way to make money by writing hubs. Also I thank those who are behind the Hubpages. May God bless you all. I know many of my fellow hubbers are making a lot of money through hubpages. On behalf of my fellow hubbers I thank the Hubpages team for giving us an opportunity to earn money and develop our writing skill and make many new friends across the globe.

Many fellow hubbers read my hubs and commented. There are many who did that. It will be a herculean task if try to name all. While doing that missing a name would be the biggest ungratefulness. I thank all who commented, answered my questions at forum, wrote fan mails, following me and helping me in many ways. Thank you all for your encouragements, love and guidance. Without you it was impossible. From the depth of my heart I thank you all. And I wish and pray to God to bless you all abundantly and richly. May the God reward you for the good things you have done.

When I look at my referral trackers, there are many who joined under me. Few are active. Thanks all for your support.

Once again I thank God and all hubbers and hubpages. May God bless you richly.

Story of the Stonecutter

Finally I want to share with you a story I heard a longtime back. Hope the story will help you in continuing your endeavor with hubpages.

There was a stone cutter. One day he found a big rock in a mountain. He wanted to split that boulder. He took his big iron hammer and started to hit it with his might. There was no scratch - not a chip. He pull back his hammer and hit it again and again. There was not a slight crack. He continued his work. Passersby saw his efforts with no result and laughed at him. But he was serious. A stone cutter is intelligent. He knows that just because he don't see immediate effects from his current actions, it doesn't mean that he is not making any progress. He continued his hitting. But there was no result after hitting 100th hit or 500th hit. But at the 795th hit the rock doesn't just chip, but literally split in half. Was it the one single hit that split the rock? No. Absolutely not. The constant pressure applied to that rock split it finally.

Many hubbers went back after seeing that their efforts are not producing any results. But very few continued out of joy in publishing articles and hang around with another hubbers. Just like the stonecutter. Persistence is the key to success. But also you must know when you should give up. Have you ever heard of Traf-O-Data. It was a partnership company formed by Bill Gates, Palul Allen and Paul Gilbert before they start Microsoft. But they abandoned the project and later started Microsoft.

I am a user of internet since 2000. During the fist few years I was introduced to make some bucks from reading emails. My personal experience was very bad as I did not receive any payment till now even though I pursued it for few years. Persistence with worthless efforts are a waste of time and energy. But I found writing and publishing with hubpages is a good way to earn some bucks. Even though there was no result in the first year, it made some progress in the second year. I don't know what motivates you to write. Whatever it is, do it with your full might, one day you will see the results.

Wish you a happy hubbing.

Oh! It became a new hub now.

P.S.: Update! Please note I have received around $600 from Google and $ 460 from Hubpages sofar. Thanks to hubpages, hubbers and all my readers for your continuous support.


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