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The way we should write our articles

Updated on November 26, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

How should we write our articles?

I met many writers in the hubpages. What is the purpose of these writings? Why everyone should come and read your article? Have you ever thought of it? Everyone wants a good readership. Everyone wants good page views. Everyone wants good earnings. How can we get that?

Let me tell you, if I want to revisit a hub or hubber, I must gain something from his writings. His hubs must be of some interest to me. Otherwise, I will not revisit their hubs. Also, I noticed crowd pulling hubs with good hub score which have good contents and information.

If you want to succeed in the hub making business, you need to give to others what they want. Stories are good for getting readers. Also, you can target specific readers who are interested in their respective field. For example, those who are having a pet dog are interested in reading more about how to look after a pet dog. You can create a hub with that specific purpose in mind. It will generate page views from that particular readers.

Tips for writing an article

Let me tell you, giving is the secret of the success and attraction of this writing business. If you are willing to give unselfishly, you will get a good number of readers. That will maintain your hub score for a long time.

When you write, please ask this questing "Is it beneficial for those who read it?"

If the answer is 'yes' you can go ahead with it in publishing. If the answer is 'no', don't worry, look for ways to improve it and make it beneficial for others. Rewrite it as much as you can and improve it. Add points to it. Explain it with examples.

If you are writing about a product, you must study the product very well, use it, experience it. Then write the merits and demerits of that product. Note, your suggestions will considerably affect the decision-making process of the reader. If you make suggestions with a selfish motive, no one would trust you nor come back to you. Your suggestions must be of selfless motives. Then people will believe in you and your suggestions. Do not make false claims. Do not mislead your readers.

Wish you a great hubbing carrier!!

Why should we write articles

There is a benefit in writing our thoughts and publishing it.

1. Writing generates income. As you are aware while writing and publishing an article in is generating income for me. After publishing an article, I don't have to do anything. Just relax and do my own things like eating, drinking, shopping, and sleeping etc. Whatever I want to do, I can do. No one will stop me from what I do. But my articles are generating income for me. Even while I sleeping, and shopping, it generates income. As a farmer sow his seeds and wait for it to grow, I sow my seed by writing an article. After sowing the seed, a farmer will go home eat and drink and sleep. After a few days when he returns to his farmland, he could see the sprouts. Then after a few days, it would have many leaves and it grows by itself. That is what happens with my articles. They grow day by day and yield money for me. Even I don't know who is visiting my hubs and who is reading it. But one thing I know is that I will get paid. Just as the farmer knows that his seeds will grow and yield its fruits or grains. Millions of people are browsing the Internet every day for different topics. The topic could be "why should I write?", "How should I write", "where should I publish", "when should I publish" like that. If they found your articles are worth to read, they will refer it to others. So make sure while writing, you are giving value to your readers. They will love to revisit you and that will generate income for you.

2. The second reason is that I can express my views to millions of peoples. I talk to my colleagues on different issues. But they may not be ready to listen to me. Or they may be busy to hear me. Some of them not interested in my topics. When I write my thoughts and publish it, people who have the interest to listen will come and read at the convenience of their home or office. Wherever they want, they can read it. There is no time fame. The targeted audience has no limit to 5 or 10 or 100. You can reach millions of people at different time span. When Americans sleep, Asians will be listening to me. When Asians will be sleeping, Americans will listen. That is the benefit of publishing it online. You can reach educated and uneducated. Rich and poor, healthy and sick at the same time. That is why I am writing my thoughts and publishing it online.

Another reason for writing a better than excellent article

If you paid a certain sum for writing an article you would be happy to do that. If you want to get $5 for one article, you have to make a fairly good article for that. If you get $10 your article must have some more quality and information. If someone pays you $25 for an article, they expect a very good quality article from you. If you get $100 per article, it should be a quite awesome article with good information and content. As the price increases, the quality and quantity should increase. When you write an article and publish it on the web, there are chances that you can make more than $100 per article. You may be asking how can I make more than 100 bucks from a single article. As you attract many visitors through your articles, you are making a good amount of money every day. It is going to make money for years to come. The combined earnings through Adsense and Amazon over many years could give you more than 100 bucks per article.

That is why hubpages says you that quality hubs thrive. Hope you got the point of writing a better than excellent articles.


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