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The Hubnugget Trio's new direction!

Updated on March 7, 2017

With our nugget-pickers team shrinking down to a mere trio we, Patty (Sci-Pi) the Kitty (RedElf) and I (Zsuzsy Bee) were concerned that the quality of nuggets being offered would stay the same top rate as before. To make sure that we would still be able to recognize and deliver the tastiest hubnuggets, we were found to be brainstorming around the pool. After a second batch of ‘zipp-e-dee-hubba-doodah’ Margarita’s we came up with this great idea. We, Patty, the kitty and I, were going to go back to school… to cooking school that is. France, Germany, Italy and the US to start with, then Greece, India, Scotland (who will be able to resist Haggis if made just right?) … Every year we would dedicate and learn about some of the world specialties.

Chef Patty
Chef Patty
Chef Kitty
Chef Kitty
Chef Zsuzsy Bee
Chef Zsuzsy Bee

After running our idea by Hubpages, they were really enthusiastic and thought it would be a great asset for us to train in every aspect of ‘nugget-gourmet-ing’. We got the okay to sign up for the Cordon Bleu course offered in the middle of Paris. Hubpages headquarters generously booked us a suite of rooms, you guessed right, the Paris Hilton… (what a brainless blonde had to do with our rooms I haven’t figured out yet…)

We booked our plane tickets, we packed our bags and we were off. I think Patty and Kitty included a French dictionary. I was totally exited to be able to practice my European French again which differs a bit from the mixture that is commonly used here in Canada.

Eiffel Tower here we come--- watch out Paris, the Wild-Trio is on it's way---


Meanwhile back in old Califonee-i-eh

To assure our progress Maddie, Simone and Jason the ‘Hubnugget-team-Headoffice-Big-Wigs’ were to use the hubbertise to fly in whenever there was some tasting to be done… every weekend for the duration of our oh so intense cooking course.

All three looked a little perturbed when this task was set in front of them. They really thought that this was the worst job… but there really is no limit to what the Hubpages team will do for the hubbers.

To make it official Hubpages headquarters called for a press conference, and following this major announcement, they granted Special Correspondent Ripplemaker from W-HUBN TV an exclusive live interview in the am with A.M. (Admiral Maddie), with A.J. (short for Admiral Jason) and C.S. (Commander Simone).

A.J.‘s first comment as he shrugged his shoulders in his usual ‘taking-life’s-lumps-with-dignity’ was “It’s a dirty, dirty and tough job but we will do whatever it takes to deliver an offering of just perfectly perfect hubnuggets. If this is what it will take then so be it.” He then continued on to explain “We, the Hubpages team, have had extensive training and we will grin and bare the hardships of taking a zip over to Paris week after week. We will set our personal lives on hold and check out the night clubs in Par… I meant to say... We will do this just to make sure that our three nugget-pickers Patty, RedElf and Zsuzsy have really gotten the most out of their Cordon Bleu edumacation.”

Special Correspondent Ripplemaker then asked the crucial question "What made Hubpages think that the Hubnugget-picker-team needed to go to cooking school?" After a short pause A.M. continued on “The very prestigious Cordon Bleu school of cooking has been specializing for years now on Chicken Cordon Bleu it is just a very short step to what we call nuggets... and the school has guaranteed that the nugget-picker trio will know and recognize every style, every recipe of nugget-cook-e-ring they teach.”

"All of the school worldwide will be able to add onto this new way and exciting way of recognizing a possible hub-nugget-wannabe" and then "Thank you, that is all for now, as we see the results we'll let you know more" is how C.S. finished off the interview.

A.J. was heard to whisper to A.M. “I’m hungry, when’s dinner can we leave on the hubbertise now? Will they be pairing the wine with our ‘to-taste-meals?”

A.M. and C.S., both were resigned to their fate of tasters (that used to be a dangerous job) but they seemed to be more concerned about the shopping opportunities in Paris. As Special Correspondent Ripplemaker when leaving the office observed them head to head in front of the big screened computer compiling a list of :

  • have to, have to go to shops
  • maybe’s
  • would be nice to get to


  • absolutely, if we have the time

Dishy Chef Jacques
Dishy Chef Jacques
Me... Soul-mates? What do you think?
Me... Soul-mates? What do you think?

Meanwhile in Paris!

Classes at the school were a lot of fun... Kitty got her fill of heavy cream on several occasions, Sci-Pi went at the lessons with her usual Scientific mind, she was totally impressed with the nitro-freezing techniques and I... well, I fell in love with the dishy head Chef Jacques. (Something to do with the air in Paris even though it wasn't spring) Je ne sais pas pourquois... (I do not know why)

first efforts!

Les six Moyeux suivants étaient sur le menu pour les dégustateurs de siège social le premier week-end à Paris (oooops I meant to say,) The following six Hubs were on the menu for the headquarter tasters for their first weekend in Paris.

Which one of this week's Holidays and Celebrations nominees is your favorite?

  • 4% The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Meaning of Holidays
  • 8% Crayfish party- a fun and tasty Swedish tradition!
  • 22% Revelling in the snow
  • 20% The Man's Guide to Thank You Notes
  • 31% Quinceanera Party Themes
  • 14% Challah For The Holidays
49 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Getting back to my story!

Yup, I fell head over heels for the Head Chef at the school... Do you believe in love at first sight? You have to admit, no matter what, this looks like a match made in heaven.

Second batch is ready for tasting!

(SHHHH I don't want to say this too loud, but I know for sure the headquarters 'big wigs' were really impressed with the first week's choice menu... I overheard them chatting... don't tell on me...)

I bet this week's offering is going to please the palate of the tasting team also.

Which one of this week's Gender and Relationships nominees is your favorite?

  • 6% Domestic violence: When will we put an end to it?
  • 26% Opposites Attract -- But Do They Match?
  • 21% Being Okay With Being Single
  • 21% The Risk it Takes To Bloom - An Exploration of Being Woman
  • 3% The 3 B's
  • 24% Writing Those Troublesome Wedding Vows
34 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Ahhhh! Mon amour!

I could sit here and watch his nibble fingers create dishes after dishes.... Ahhhhh, such skills, such great mastery, his technique ahhhh. Did I tell you yet that I'm in love?

Non, non, non aucun jour-rêvant est permis dans ma classe Zsuzsy Bee... dishy Chef Jaques screeched at me. (No, no, no, no daydreaming is allowed in my class ....) For some reason the bottom of this heavenly match seems to be getting thinner and thinner (what an annoying voice)

The third batch is ready! Come and gett'um!

Yup A.M. C.S. and A.J. were really pleased with our continued great offerings.

Lets go for three for three. ...

Which one of this week's Religion and Philosophy nominees is your favorite?

  • 59% Growing Stronger Through Desert Experiences
  • 16% The Spear of Destiny: The Holy Lance of Longinus
  • 14% The Shocking Tale of the African Viking God, and the questions that followed...
  • 8% Wheels of Our Destiny
  • 4% Paranormal Information for Anyone
  • 0% Sacred Chants & Prayers
51 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

We the Tourists in Paris!

On our afternoons and evening off from school, we spent around Paris doing the regular touristy things. The Louvre, the Champs-Élysées, naturally the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedrals on almost every street.... fantastique... Paris enchanted us all with its magic.

Then one evening I suggested that we visit the Coq d'or, a small little Jazz cellar that I knew of on Rue Sainte Martin. Everyone was enthusiastic we, Patty (Sci-Pi) with her date Ringo, RedElf the Kitty with her beau Garfield. I went solo as my heart was still lost (you thought I was going to say San Franscisco... haha, gotcha)

Guess who was jamming at the Jazz cellar... THE Swedish Chef
Guess who was jamming at the Jazz cellar... THE Swedish Chef

We sat down, the jamming was in full swing and I fell in love...

(The Swe--DISH Chef--- aaaahhh what a sweet dish)

The winners have been determined!

Holidays and Celebrations (49 total votes)

Gender and Relationships (34 total votes)

  • Opposites Attract -- But Do They Match? (9 votes, 26%)
  • Writing Those Troublesome Weding Vows (8 votes, 24%)

Religion and Philosophy (51 total votes)


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