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The no hub experiment

Updated on September 1, 2012

Introducing the no hub experiment

We all know that Hubpages can bring us passive income but have we ever asked the question - "How passive is passive?". I noticed that every time I published a hub, there would be some sort of spike in traffic to my hubs and I seem to earn a little bit more that month. Unfortunately, this process is not exactly passive and I started to wonder, what if I don't publish anything for some time, how would my earnings be affected?

And so I embarked on this experiment where I just left the hubs to run on their own for 3 months. In between, the only activity I did was to refresh an old hub with new information and that was more than 30 days ago from the time of this hub publication.

Earnings for months with 0 hubs

June 2012
July 2012
August 2012
Updated Aug 31 2012

The results

Before we can appreciate the results, we have to look at the past performance of my hubs when I still had some activity. You can refer to them via this link.

For the whole month of June, July and August 2012, I published a total of 0 hubs.

My old hubs still continued to generate income for me. The numbers look smaller, but it was still income nonetheless.


It seems like the income is declining, but having only numbers from 3 months, I am unable to make a concrete conclusion on this.

However one thing for sure, as long as you have published hubs previously, you can be pretty much assured that they will still passively bring you your income for some time at least.

Not too bad for a side hobby really.

If you hope to try out Hubspot, you can signup via this link.


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    • dcaz profile image

      dcaz 5 years ago from Singapore

      @Barbara dang... I just saw the email from Hubpages about the idle hubs. :( No wonder the numbers are declining every month of 0 activity.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 5 years ago from USA

      I don't think you can rely on passive income anymore. Your hub will get de-indexed if you don't keep it updated. Passive is no longer passive. Darn and I planned on retiring eventually and still have all this income come in every month.