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Who is Listening to You…Me!

Updated on May 19, 2012

I Hear You!!

I wrote an article about how none of our politicians seem to be able to hear us without a bribe. And that in fact no one is listening to the American people any longer. But that is really not entirely true. I am listening to my readers. When you vote on polls on my hubs I track the data. Admittedly, a lot of you don’t vote. I wish you voted more in polls but I understand as I only participate in polls occasionally.

But I wanted to share some of the results I have reviewed with you my reader in quantity. If you follow me you realize sometimes I write very similar hubs and ask very similar questions. This isn’t a matter of spinning or redundancy. I am asking for the qualifying data. Since I can’t track who votes on which polls I can only assume every vote is from a different person.

So what did you have to say to me?

Greatest Robert Redford Film was Out of Africa by a 67% vote. The Sting and The Way We were tied for second at 17%.

BIll Nelson's qualifications to be Secretary of State?

Only 25% of you believed Bill Nelson was qualified to be the next Secretary of State while 75% of you felt he was unqualified.

And who will be the Job Creator (JC)?

As for who you thought would be the better job creator…well it was Romney at 75% versus Obama at 25%.

And how did the voters feel about violent criminals collecting Social Security disability income?

60% of you said that violent criminals should not be allowed to collect disability checks while 40% of you thought they should continue to receive the benefit even if they had broken the law.

The Bottom Line

So the bottom line is when you answer the polls I read your responses. I am listening to you if no one else out there in the world is. It doesn’t cost you anything to respond and I am rather surprised at my readers’ intelligence. They seem to really have a grasp on what is happening in the world. So as long as you answer my polls I will continue to analysis your responses. I have the feeling that Australia is very active in my polls and for that I love everyone down under. But actually I love all my readers. All of you are my sole inspiration for writing. And I am listening to your concerns, your hopes and your fears about what is going on in the world. While my primary focus is on American Politics, I am aware of other events that occur around the world. I just don’t feel as qualified to write about them as I would another subject. Besides my writing topics are so diverse I am surprised I have maintained an audience at all.

And while I am certain this hub will seem self serving it is really not. I am just letting my readers know that in the last year. I have heard them. I have taken their thoughts, opinions and responses in my polls seriously and I am listening to them if no one else in their governments will. I also have over 300 polls and only provided you with a few samples of my results.

So You Believe Your Opinions are Respected in Hub Polls?

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