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Who is Listening in America?

Updated on February 5, 2012

Who is Listening in America?

Many of you who are familiar with my work know I am a person of observation. It seems like the past decade that the art of conversational speech has been lost. What has happened? Is conversational speech a veteran of the Middle Eastern wars as well or is it the severe signs of poverty in the USA?

While living in European countries, everything is social and conversational but in America the last decade has been the government barking orders at its people to the point the no one longer hears what the people of this country actually want. And because of this treatment, people have stopped having conversations and resort to communicating in the only way they know how to which is to bark orders at others.

In essence people speak at each other with little regard for the audience. We have become a country of orators without an audience. Our leaders orate and we subsequently orate and no one is listening. I know there will be descending opinions on this with citations of FISA courts and warrant less wire taps but I can assure you that is all irrelevant because no one is listening, especially to each other. I catch myself falling into this trap and I have to struggle to hear people through their barks and threats. And I am aware of this problem in our culture.

This is Taiwan which I am a fan of an have seen much worse out of Chinese Congress. But this is what it feels like everyday in America. And our politicians operate on the same level of disparity.

America and Asia Politics; Same Old, Same Old!!

We Can Change

There are answers to this problem though.

First I would never respond to anyone barking at me and I am not afraid of threats either.

Second, I am so tired of the freeloading entertainers and politicians. I think they should all live on eggs for a year and get back to me.

Third we can listen to each other and be sensitive to each others’ plights. Hollywood and DC will never care about the people of this country or any other. But we can care about each other. We can unionize beyond them.

Fourth, we will have to lead the government and Hollywood out of their white caves which they hid in and we can no longer go to war for this country as it is no longer representative of the people. They are all entertainers. And I am personally not amused.

But this is simpler said then done because you have to be aware you are being programmed to ignore the plight of your neighbor. You have lost your art of conversation and you have practice your social skills to obtain those skills once again. The good news is everyone around you is poor as well so they have very interesting stories to tell. And you will have one on everyone if you keep your conversational skills otherwise known as your wits about you. Charm goes a long ways in life perhaps to far sometimes but America needs to return to civilized conversations and compassion which her government has attempted to drive from the people.

Sorry Uncle Sam not all of us are warriors to die in the fields of foreign countries to make old men rich. And the rest of the world should know this about Americans, not all of us are uncultured puppets of our government. Most of us realize just how much has been taken from us. And no one cares what I write on the Internet because people stopped listening and reading long ago with the exception of HP members. And it all starts with each one of us sitting down with our neighbor and having a conversation. We have to retrain ourselves to actively listen to each other and have empathy for each other. And when we do this the government loses. It will no longer be about a candidate or a party but about you and I. And you and I are who the candidates and the parties work for although they often like to forget that.

Tomorrow you can begin a new. It is your choice. I have already started. I hope to hear from you so we might converse on the matter. Because I don’t wish to speak or write at you but to speak or write to you!! There is a world of difference and it begins with listening.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      The whole country could have a new beginning if we just all listened to each other. Thanks for reading and commenting!!


    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 

      6 years ago from Connecticut

      How very true! You hit the situation right on the head. I, for one, already listen and hope others begin doing the same.


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