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Why Are "Long Tail Keywords" Important In Search Engine Optimization ?

Updated on August 10, 2011

What Is A "Long Tail Keyword"?

Longtail keywords are very important to the vitalization of seach engine optimization. They are those keywords that are less popular, less searched, and less competitive. They are also the foundation on which search engine organization are built. Usually, ranging from two to five words in length, longtail titles helps your article or website to finalize your niche. Lets look at the ever popular search term exercise. How to exercise is an even more popularly searched term; but when you look at exercise for a specific body part, you gain a specific targeted audience. If I lost you somewhere earlier; allow me to elaborate a little more. Earlier in my writing efforts here on hubpages, I learned what topics brought significant amounts of webtraffic. One of those topics were How To Hub's . These are the hubs that instruct, or give directions to some sort of skill, craft, or service. I incorporated what I'd observed, along with what I knew; as a result,I created hubs like, How To Get A Kim Kardashian Booty. The title of my hub is pretty much self explainatory. The title covers exactly what my hub is about. Kim Kardashian was a great addition to the hub because so many people have become fascinated with her and her booty might I add. Immediately following that hub I created, the hub Who's Fascinated With Kim Kardashian. Ironically, enough these two hubs generate most of my web traffic. Now that I have attempted to define longtail keywords. Lets see how they fit into the search engine optimizing equation.

Long Tail Keywords Are Important In SEO .......

They help publishers refine webtraffic to a specific website. They also incorporate quality traffic, this helps more in conversion than the average keyword. Long tail keywords are used to corner a specific web market. They are less expensive in pay per click biding which is excellent for a market directing traffic to a specific website, or webpage. Both publishers and visitors greatly benefit from long tail keywords. Visitors benefit simply from specific content. For instance, if a visitor googled weight loss diets there are billions of hits because this term is broad; but if the visitor google's weight loss with the HCG diet then they learn info specifically about that diet in general. Just as normal keywords, longtail keywords define what is actually on a webpage and what the publisher actually wants the webpage to be found under. In order for a publisher to be successful with longtail keywords, it is important to know which longtail keywords are getting the most hits or generating the most traffic. The most logical way to find out is through research on the major web engines.

The main objective for obtaining the best longtail keywords is to rank high on major seach engines. Through targeted longtail keywords targeted webtraffic can be gained much faster. Once a visitor types in a keyword major search engines there search algorithms on the basis of longtail keywords. Longtail keywords should be targeted first, simply because the  keywords and its research is where the SEO equation begins.

Long Tail Keywords Have Excellent Conversion Sales Rate

Many consumers or visitors surf the internet with a specific target or item in mind. Research on site activity has concluded that people are searching search engines for specific items and the keywords are getting longer and more specific as they are in search for a more specific item, and their intent is to find and purchase that item. There are six specific steps that a potential buyer or customer usually follow. First, the potential buyer becomes aware of a product. Then the consumer seeks information on that product. The consumer then evaluates the alternatives to the specific product( price, competition, etc.). Next, the consumer makes their decision. Finally, the consumer purchases the product. After the purchase has been complete, the consumer evaluates the product to decided whether they will keep it or return it. Most donsumers converted are around step two, when longtail keywords marketing kicks in. The customer is looking for that specific item or service and if your keywords and sequence coincide your webpage just may pop up first on google. There are several longtail keywords tools available now for more assistance in secure the right longtail keywords. Here are some with free trials. You should go to to take advantage of the 60 day trial being offered for this longtail keyword tool. Another one that is offering a free  longtail keyword tool is I hope this hub has been  helpful.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Feel free to join me. Thanks in advance.


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    • Your Info Gal profile image

      Your Info Gal 5 years ago

      Thank you so much. This article has clarified many things for me. I hope to soon be able to find my own niche.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      I was searching for this explanation. Thanks for answering the question I had in my mind. God job, shaekelly.

    • shaekelly profile image

      shaekelly 6 years ago from Alabama

      @dablufox, thanks for the great advice

    • dablufox profile image

      dablufox 6 years ago from Australia

      I agree with you 100%. the biggest mistake people make here on hubpages is that they don't make their micro niche topic and chosen longtail keyword phrases narrow and focused enough that their hub penetrates online competition.

      Hubpages is the perfect micro niche marketing platform but its only really effective when you first master both keyword research and competition research as well as the fundamental 'On Page' Search Engine Optimization techniques.

      If you don't all these little ducks all lined up, you could be doing backlinking till the cows come home and your hub will still never see any meaningful or focused traffic.

      Great Hub!

    • shaekelly profile image

      shaekelly 6 years ago from Alabama

      @Devblue, thanks again, u should follow

      me. Im going to follow u now.

    • DevBlue profile image

      DevBlue 6 years ago from Mauritius

      Nice and informative Hub especially for beginners.