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What does Hubkarma score means? Is a higher score good or bad?

I have been trying to understand this score for sometime. I visited the hubpages learning center, but they only have directions on how to operate this linking tool from suggested links. For example when you click on suggested links on the hub you are editing and you get a message like this “You have 100 HubKarma. This tool can help you increase your HubKarma”. The score is already a 100, so it will improve it to what score?


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Best Answer Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) says

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5 years ago
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    chepkoluumugulel 5 years ago

    Thanks nochance. I always like to figure how numbers are calculated and tabled. I must say this site sometimes throws me off since some of these scores are clearly described to the hubbers. I guess it is a deep secret for the administrators.