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Did you ever delay publishing a hub coz you didn't find suitable Graphic? What did you finally do?

Off late, HubPages blog discussed Graphics for hubs - how non artists can add great graphics to their hubs. I could instantly sympathise with people unable to find something appropriate. Sometimes I've waited before publishing my hubs after polishing the written words - just because I couldn't find a suitable graphic. I've even published a hub about some such situations and what did I finally do... Has this happened with you too? Did you wait for long? And finally, did you find a solution to this graphical problem, or in the end you just didn't bother? Share you story with your hub title.


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Goody5 says

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5 years ago
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    Anusha Jain (anusha15) 5 years ago

    Looks like you never had tough time thinking about the perfect picture saying 1000 words for your write up. :) Great. I keep getting stuck, so I do the writing first and then think of an apt graphic.