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Why can't I feature 6 hubs on my profile page?

We used to be able to put 6 hubs to be featured on our profile page. I wanted to change them today, and when I did, it only allowed me room to list 3 hubs. I clicked Save, went back, and 3 were there. Then I read some mail, and when I came back, the 3 hubs were not featured. I've been going back and forth, and once it let me feature 4 hubs. Why not 6? I believe this is one of the only things that catches the reader's eye. I had to change the sizes of almost all my pics when you began allowing us to feature 6 hubs, so are we no longer allowed to?

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Best Answer Glenn Stok says

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4 years ago
  • Jean Bakula profile image

    Jean Bakula 4 years ago

    Thank you Glenn. I must have removed all of them by mistake, when I just wanted to change the last 3. I was fighting a stomach/head bug, and wasn't feeling too alert! I was able to fix it after you advised me. Take care.