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Why Ad Sense have different policies for different countries?

Ad Sense, according hub page forum discussions have different terms and policies for different countries. Why is it so? Are not all hub page contributors that write featured hubs are of same standard? For USA and UK contributors the number of featured hubs to get ad sense account is 6 to 10 and for Indians 25 to 30 and six months from the first hub. I understand traffic is the what they look for. Ad sense must understand that the present CEO at Microsoft is an Indian. They must rethink and relax rules and treat everyone alike.


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zebtron (Matthew Meyer) says

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3 years ago
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    Sangam Krishnamoorthy Ramamoorthy (sangamkr) 3 years ago

    Various answers are given by fellow Huber on this subject. But what is the authenticate answer. When I finished my 10 hub ( all 10 are featured ) , a new window pops for an ad sense application. The application was rejected for insufficient content