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How do I connect my PayPal account to my earnings from HubPages?

I've been writing for HubPages on and off for about a year. I created a PayPal account specifically for my HubPages earnings. However, I've noticed that no money has ever been entered into my PayPal account. I realize how foolish it is to have waited this long to speak up but I haven't found much time the past few months to get around to posing this question. I've checked my settings on this site and the correct PayPal account is associated with my HubPages account. Hopefully I can find some help and finally be able to put this problem to rest.


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Jean DAndrea (Snakesmum) says

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23 months ago
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    Samantha Silverstein (CheshireSnoop) 23 months ago

    Looking back at the past months I think I earmed $97 once. Does it have to be over $50 every month?

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