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SUGGESTION: Multiple Sub-Domains

  1. SimeyC profile image97
    SimeyCposted 5 years ago

    I know this is a huge engineering task but I feel it could be really beneficial to everyone.

    A lot of people have reported that their sub-domains have crashed, while others have increased. In many cases the user has then had to go through a process to transfer work from one profile to another - this involves deleting hubs, waiting a few days for them to be deleted and then recreating them on a new profile.

    What I'd like is the ability to setup multiple sub-domains under one login with the following options:
    -Transfer hubs between sub-domains - this would remove them from one sub-domain then add them to the other sub-domain a week later (or an appropriate time later)
    -Apply different Ad settings on each sub-domain (same as you can with each profile)
    -Joint and separate stats.

    There are many potential benefits of such a system:
    -Far easier to maintain for the user (and for Hubpages especially when 1099 forms are being created!)
    -Gives the user the ability to experiment by focusing on different sub-domains without having to open up 400 different accounts.

    Personally I have a lot of underperforming hubs that I'd like to move to another sub-domain so that I can concentrate on my 'main' work - at some point I can then go back and work on the 'poor' hubs. This gives me the opportunity to see if the underperforming hubs are 'killing' my sub domain without having to delete them....

    I will not go into the other benefits, but I am sure there are many more....

    1. Redberry Sky profile image96
      Redberry Skyposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      If sub subdomains is possible on a site as big as HP, I think this would be a brilliant idea. 

      After reading another thread that Marye Audet started, about traffic crashes and hope for recovery, I was thinking about splitting my Hubs into ‘niches’ for some kind of protection, but for me multiple accounts would be really confusing. 

      But being able to have, say, tea.redberrysky.hubpages.com, coffee.redberrysky.hubpages.com and so on would be really cool – google would see them as separate entities, but HP, my followers, etc, would know they were all me. 

      Another bonus would be that if a search visitor lands on one of my Hubs currently and then goes to my profile page, they’re faced with a load of completely different topics (and probably bounce right back to their home page in disgust and frustration), but if we could have a profile page on each sub subdomain, both the Hubs and the profile blurb could be tailored to the different topics we write on, which *might* increase page views per visitor. 

      But since HP is massive, and already quite complicated, would adding sub subdomains even be possible/feasible?

      1. SimeyC profile image97
        SimeyCposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        That's one approach I didn't think about.

        I was thinking more along of the line that I'd log in as SimeyC and then be able to create subdomains. So I'd have:


        I already have three accounts, I just want to be able to maintain them through one login and be able to switch hubs between them!

        Amazon do a similar thing allowing you to login but create multiple 'tracking IDs'....

  2. Peggy W profile image92
    Peggy Wposted 5 years ago

    That would be amazing if we could do this!  I like the idea of one login and the different accounts as Redberry Sky suggested.  That way we would most probably keep all of our current followers which would be beneficial.  Joint & separate stats would also be great as SimeyC suggested.  That way we might be able to determine what is hurting or helping our hubs the most regarding Google changes.  I hope that this is possible?

  3. MickiS profile image85
    MickiSposted 5 years ago

    There was a similar thread a few weeks back that touched on this: the ability to manage multiple accounts from one login. Although that thread was specifically about consolidating Ad Program earnings, you can get more color on the subject there: http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/99563

    There are three things that I would like to say in response to this suggestion:

    1. Having multiple accounts is an off-label use of HubPages. It's a practice that, while we allow, we certainly do not endorse. As such, we are less inclined to make it easier to do.

    2. It's not a best practice to take content from a declining sub-domain and move it to a rising one. The very content you are moving may be the reason that your traffic is declining.

    3. Finally, as I stated in the earlier thread, the whole HubPages systems exists on the architectural assumption that one login name = one account for everything from the subdomain to payments. It was an architecture decision made 6 years ago, and it's a significant amount of work to change. Given the cost of the amount of work to the benefit derived, it's unlikely to ever be implemented.