Spell Checking free Programs that are Highly Rated for any 32 or 64 bi

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    rmichaelfposted 5 years ago

    Two of them in additions to the "Resolved Post" above:

    1.  iespell,  Google "iespell" it takes you to the page.  It's free and I have been using it for a decade.

    2. Speckie:  Again Google "speckie" it takes you to the page.  Also Free and one I have been using for a decade.  One or the other will also work in any Windows Explorer program, such as Notepad (which has no spell checker, and WordPad, in IE7,IE8, and IE9 as well,

    And both have dynamic checking as well as static checking. Speckie ( I believe) also has several different kinds of highlighting features (underlining, and the one I use, it highlights the misspelled word in a very "red" color, which you simply can't miss!

    They use hardly any resources, have user defined dictionary inputs and uninstall if you don't like them cleanly, easily and efficiently.

    Hope these help,