The Six Pillars of Character

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    Lady Guinevereposted 9 years ago

    I found this gem while I was helping out a troubled teenager abd thought that I would share it with you all here on HubPages.

    The Six Pillars of Character

    A person of character lives by the six pillars of character:  trustworthiness,  respect, responsibility,  fairness,  caring, and citizenship.

    Trustworthiness:  A trustworthy person shows integrity, and is reliable, loyal, and honest.
    Be honest.  Tell the truth.  Build and guard your reputation and good name.  Don't deceive, cheat, or steal.  Be reliable--do what you say you'll do.  Keep your promises and commitments.  Have the courage to do the right thing.  Be loyal--stand by your family, friends, school, and country.

    Respect:  A respectful person values all persons; lives by the Golden Rule; grants others freedom, privacy, and dignity; and is tolerant.

    Treat others with respect; treat others as you wish to be treated.  Be tolerant of differences.  Use good manners, not bad language.  Be considerate of the feelings of others.  Don't threaten, hit, or hurt anyone.  Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements.  Listen to others.

    Responsibility:  A responsible person does his/her duties, uses self-control, is accountable, and pursues excellence.

    Do what you are supposed to do.  Persevere: keep on trying!  Always do your best.  Use self-control.  Be self-disciplined.  Think before you act--consider the consequences.  Be accountable for your choices.

    Fairness:  A fair person is impartial, listens, and is open to differing views.

    Play by the rules.  Treat people equally.  Get the facts before deciding.  Take turns and share.  Be open-minded; listen to others.  Don't take advantage of others.  Don't blame others carelessly.

    Caring:  A caring person is compassionate, considerate, and charitable.

    Be kind.  Be compassionate and show you care.  Express gratitude and be thankful.  Forgive others.  Help people in need:  give money, time support and comfort.

    Citizenship:  A good citizen does his/her share, helps the community, and respects authority and the law.

    Do your share to make your school and community better.  Be a volunteer.  Care about the common good.  Cooperate.  Stay informed; vote.  Be a good neighbor.  Obey laws and rules.  Respect authority and the principles of democracy.  Protect the environment.

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    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    Reminds me of the Grandfather Teachings ... Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Forgiveness, Humility. Cool! smile