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I was approved for kontera but got email today saying I was denied.

  1. Jacob Smalls profile image60
    Jacob Smallsposted 9 years ago

    I signed up for kontera as soon as I got on this site. I got my affiliate code and put it into my account and made it active. Now I get an email saying my kontera is denied 2 days later. It is still active though and I can still log into the same account. I know I did not apply 2 times by accident because Its the same email address.

    Anyone got any idea what to do or whats going on. I dont know whether to leave their ads active or not now. I really don't know if I will get paid if someone clicks now and theres no reason to have those ads on my page if I don't.

  2. Whitney05 profile image83
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    Hm.. Are you sure that you received an approval email in the first place? I remember that it took several days to get the approval email and code.

  3. Jacob Smalls profile image60
    Jacob Smallsposted 9 years ago

    Yes I have both approval and disapproval in my email box and I can log into the account any time I want. So I'm really having a hard time understanding what the deal with it is.

    1. Sue Bailey profile image80
      Sue Baileyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Yes me too. I too was approved and then denied within 24 hours.  This was the message I got from them. Thank you for applying to Kontera.
      Unfortunately, your account with Kontera has been denied due to the fact that your site does not meet our publisher guidelines. 
      If you feel that your site does in fact meet our guidelines or if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

      I've checked the guidelines and as far as I can see there is no reason for them to deny my account.
      I'm very disappointed with this as I was banned from Google Adsense some time ago for some reason so now do not really have any chance of earning any revenue.

      Try contacting their support section; I intend to do so.

  4. darkside profile image83
    darksideposted 9 years ago

    They may be wanting to see what you're capable of before allowing approval.

    Though it is confusing to have had acceptance and then rejection.

    I wouldn't be too concerned. Work up a good quality stable of hubs and then try again later.

  5. Jacob Smalls profile image60
    Jacob Smallsposted 9 years ago

    Thats even worse than my situation. Im really not that conserned with kontera anyways as I found their ads annoying. Im really gonna try to focus my hubs on very specific subjects with detailed information. This was I can try to get some affiliate earnings as well as adsense clicks.

  6. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 9 years ago


    Denial from Kontera has to do with their new 'set up' and following older instructions in hubpages.  The same thing happened to me--I contacted Kontera and they told me denial was about a space in my user name on hubpages.

    They corrected the problem and now I am good to go.  For me, Kontera is earning on par with Google adsense.  Of course, I'm pretty new, so those earnings are not very much.

    I'd urge you to send an e-mail to Kontera as I did if you would like to use them as an affiliate.


    1. Sue Bailey profile image80
      Sue Baileyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Mine got reinstated today.  It seems that I'd not given the correct web address. I'd just put hubpages.com and not my profile address.  It's worth emailing them for clarification if your account has been denied;it could just be a simple mistake - like mine.

  7. Jacob Smalls profile image60
    Jacob Smallsposted 9 years ago

    Thanks. I reapplied with a different email just to be sure. Whether I use them or not I still would just like to have the option. Sometimes Google ads do not match very well with the page you write so it may help.

    Update. Ok I just removed kontera from my hubs for one reason. I went into the dashboard. I checked and I had 3 clicks  or the day (dont't laugh im new)  The 3 clicks earned me 3 cents. Now I went back in and the money is no longer there. I put the earnings for the month not the last updated day and the clicks are no longer there. That raises questions with me. I will just stick with google. Its less annoying ads. A few of my pages are doing better now anyways it will just take time.