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Stupid Crap!

  1. sassychic profile image58
    sassychicposted 8 years ago

    He guys so yeah here's the dish o' crap of the Day!
    So last year I had a great group of friends that got together every Friday and such even over teh weekends to hang out at people's houses or the local DQ. So life was good, it was nice to connect with people and hang out with people after a long week of school, family stuff and everything in between. So apparently they were pretending to be my friends. UGH!
    This was apparently for six months, none of them really truly liked having me around they were just faking it? I find it hard to believe that people would be able to fake it like that for at least six months. I went a party, and around 10pm I got a call from my parents saying they needed me to come home becuz of some family problems, I didnt have to car to my advantage that night so I asked, "Can anyone give me a ride to my house?" I knew that it was late notice but it was a real emergency. I told people that I would pay for gas and that I was really sorry that it came up so abbrutly. NOBODY GOT UP AND HELPED ME OUT! So I said fine Im walking home, I live on the other side of town and so it would have been a long walk home. So I started out the door, people got really quiet and didnt say anything. I got to about a block or two on my way, when my friend Jason and Alexa (they were at the party) picked me up in his jeep. I was really pissed at that point, not just at my friends but my parents as well. We've been having probs with my brother for a long time on and off, and the seem to think that they can pull me into the mess and make me help them? Im sick and tired of this crap! Thank God Im going to College out of State!

    Anyway back to my story. I got a lot of crap the next day and for the rest of my summer and those three months I went work and Marching Band and tired to make new friends. I did and all which was great!

    But I see those others and I just wanna punch 'em!

    My old friends/ fakes, two of them are twins I used to be great friends, and apparently it was my job to get ahold of them for a sleepover or something, so they lashed out at my other friend that went complaining to me. I had no idea about it. I said if it really meant anything to you or that much you have been able to contact me or get a hold of me! Im not that hard to contact. Just about anyway that you can think of will come my way.
    So I said whatever, after the way you guys treated me, Im not interested in any of your problems and crap, dont think that Im going to care. Back off and leave me alone, I was majorly lied to and leave me alone to deal with the pain Im dealing with right now.

    I really didnt want to see her face, I could believe that she would be in the right mind think that I wanted to have a sleepover!

    Ahh. .  .Im done now.

  2. grumpyjacksa profile image60
    grumpyjacksaposted 8 years ago

    A wise man once said.....

    If you can go through life and make just enough REAL friends to count on the fingers of one hand, then you had a good life.

    Guess that tells it all

    1. sassychic profile image58
      sassychicposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah that makes sense.

  3. Junkster profile image55
    Junksterposted 8 years ago

    Did you deduce that they had been faking being your friend for 6 months because no one would give you a lift home?

    I have a close knit group of friends who I'd do anything for but if you're at a party and somoeone needs a lift it'd be tough for people say "I'll leave the party and give you a lift"  Plus, not sure how old you are but maybe they had been drinking or didn't drive?  Were there more incidents to lead you to believe they didn't like you?

    At least you made new friends over the summer, so you know, silver linings and all that.

    1. sassychic profile image58
      sassychicposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      No, my closest friend told me that they really didnt want me around anymore. I understood that people wouldnt want to leave the party early. It was an emergency. No body helped me out I was walking in the rain two blocks and then someone came and got me in the rain.

      Yeah there were other incidents, I figured out that they were talking behind my back and they weree trashing me. Then proceded to lie and say nobody said any of it.

      Idk, I see of them daily around and I ignore them, on eof the twins saw me in and asked why dont you talk to us anymore? I was like wow you're a complete moran if you think Im going to waist my time talking to you. (I never said that to her face) to her face I said Im just busy and I have things to do. Im not going to sit there and play anymore games with idiots like her and her friends.

      1. Junkster profile image55
        Junksterposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Ah right, well fair do's to you.for taking a stand against people like that.  If they see how you are busy with other people then they'll probably feel a bit jealous that their (fake) friendship doesn't matter a s much to you.

        In my case I much prefer having a smaller group of close knit friedns than loads, we have a small gorup of like ten people and then there's a secondary group who we see in the pub etc but recently there's another group that we've grown tired of as they always want you to go to someone's birthday and they always make a big expensive deal and get really snotty about us not going.

        Recently one friend's girlfriend had been a complete pain and so that has divided us a bit, now everyone doesn't put up with any crap and it's much better as if anyone has a problem then we're open about it.

  4. ilovehubbing profile image60
    ilovehubbingposted 8 years ago

    sorry to here that true friends are hard to find.

  5. SweetiePie profile image82
    SweetiePieposted 8 years ago

    In my experience when I was younger I never went to parties because I would rather do things on my own.  Not that parties are bad, but you should never have to promise a "friend" money for driving you home.  Yes some people probably think my life is boring because I have kept to myself and do my own things, but I have felt very fulfilled.  I had a few friends in college that I thought were true blue, but over time I realized they were only interested in the friendship when they had time.  For instance, I could be very busy and one particular friend would beg me to talk to her about her relationship.  One day she was calling my machine for hours and I did not pick up because I had to study for a test, but hours later she demanded to know why I did not pick up.  Since she needed my time and I thought she was a good friend I set aside time to go places with her and talk.  Well years later when I just suggested we get together for lunch because it had been along time, she told me she was way too busy for that.  I know everyone is busy and has a life, but one thing I have made it a policy now is to not go out of my way just to spend time with friends.  I have a few friends that I talk to here and there, but honestly I am just too busy to chase after people and ask them if they want to hang out.  I feel like after the age of 25 people go on with their lives and really do not have time to see friends that often.  I see my friends about once or twice a year and that is about it.  However, I talk to my friends online every few days, so in a way I keep in touch.

    1. ArtSiren profile image58
      ArtSirenposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I can totally relate to this, SweetiePie. Over my late teens and twenties, I went to several unis and made loads of friends - none of whom I'm still in touch with. Actually I'm in touch with one, but like you said, about once or twice a year, whereas we shared a flat together for two years back then! Funny how things change as time goes by. I got made redundant last year and spend a LOT of my time alone writing - or researching for writing - so I get to see real humans for about 2 hours per week!!  It is difficult watching my emails to friends disappear into a 'black hole' and not get any replies, especially when I need a bit of interaction.

      But like you said (again!) people have their own lives to lead - I don't really give up on people, so I'll keep trying for now.

      Sassychic - maybe you can hold out an olive branch, and organise something so your new friends and the ones you think are fakes can all come along. If the fakes don't turn up, then you'll know for sure that they're fakes. I'd want to be sure, rather than it all being some terrible misunderstanding.....but hey, that's just me. Hope it all works; you'll make loads of new friends in college.

  6. sassychic profile image58
    sassychicposted 8 years ago

    Hey smart idea! I think that is pretty clever!

  7. sassychic profile image58
    sassychicposted 8 years ago

    Hey Junster!
    I love that pic of the Siberian Huskey s/he is so cute! I am an absolute dog love and Im quite a nerd about breeds! Let me tell you! S/He looks well taken care of, (that is if that's your dog) the dog could be a photoshop dog from the internet. IDK.

    Nice Doggie!