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Another question about Men. . . .

  1. sassychic profile image57
    sassychicposted 9 years ago

    How can you tell if a guy likes you or if he's flirting for fun or just being stupid?
    I mean If he asks for your number and then calls you three days later and says I'll call you tomorrow, then how are you supposed to react?

    I simply think the dude just is lazzy i dont know. . . .
    Any thoughts?

  2. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    If you go to askmen dot com ..there's a article about creating *sexual tension* that's supposed to work with getting the woman a guy wants. I am not sure if it works .....so...maybe this guy is a fan of that site? is the guy more interested in gettin your clothes off or interested in knowing you first? which would you prefer? wink good luck with the guy. I only about this site because my sons asked me, lol.

  3. ArtSiren profile image57
    ArtSirenposted 9 years ago

    The fact that he phoned you - even after three days - suggests he isn't just being stupid, otherwise he'd have got your number and that would've been that.

    Who knows, maybe he thinks you're the tops, and it took him a month to pluck up the courage to ask for your number - if you already know him, you'll be able to figure whether this is likely. So he might be a bit shy or overwhelmed; might not want to appear too pushy or desperate in case you give him the flick; might simply not know what to talk about but wanted to phone you anyway! Silly question, but why don't you ask him? Better to know for sure than ponder endlessly, huh?

    Good luck.

    1. sassychic profile image57
      sassychicposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I am the kinda girl that will ask a guy out myself. Its 2009 not some ancient time. I do however like it when the guy pays, guy picks you up, and calls you etc.  The guy I am talking about, now we are in a long distance relationship. So yeah all is well.

      1. tonks21 profile image60
        tonks21posted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I am all about being modern and not playing games. I was honest with my husband when he asked me to go out with him. He asked me that - but I asked him to marry me! It was sooo romantic! Yes, I even got him an engagement ring! smile

  4. SpeckledJim profile image53
    SpeckledJimposted 9 years ago

    Would never get htis kind of trouble with us pigeon folk!

  5. ArtSiren profile image57
    ArtSirenposted 9 years ago

    Sassychic and Tonks21 - good for you, gals! Although the question of whether we're in 2009 or 'ancient' times is a bit of a red herring. I'm sure girls have always done the asking (as much as the boys), even in the olden days when it was frowned upon - they just perhaps weren't so overt about it.

    And just to clarify - my fault, I didn't communicate clearly enough - I thought the question was 'is the guy: (a) interested, (b) flirting, or (c) being stupid?' My suggestion was to ask him...which one: a, b or c.

    I wasn't making any comment at all or suggestion about whether girls should ask boys out on a date or anything remotely like that. Wasn't even in my mind when I posted, although it is an interesting topic, since the thread has meandered in that direction.