hi being a newbie hope i post this in the right forum !!

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    bonnie666posted 5 years ago

    please need advice asap have done something really stupid and suffering the backlash now!! other week i applied for lots of payday loans, because it was about 3am i didn't hear from anybody so i kept trying and trying !! since then.... my land line and mobile hasn't stopped ringing and late evening which is wrong. used to only get a couple of junk emails now i have loads and loads  cluttering my emails as well. also have noticed pop ups when i go on sites?? don't know what i clicked on but somethings not right. scanned my computer and it's saying it can't scan all files??? never said this before, and i'm scared because not only did i give long number but also a/c and sort code. they have everything, all my details, can't believe how stupid i was and now i feel very vulnerable and it has taken the enjoyment out of coming online, after only being connected for a year or so.  please can someone take a moment and reply to my message, would greatly appreciate it, much love.

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      LeanManposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Take your computer to technician and get it checked out properly... as to the junk emails - if they are going to junk just ignore them. If they are not going to your junk just flag them as spam and they soon will..

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        bonnie666posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        thanks LeanMan u sound that chilled i must seem like a drama queen lol honestly though i have been getting myself in a right state, trying to run before i can walk! didn't know what the flag's were for to be honest, nice une! will use them now to get rid of spam. one more thing my bank card changes long number but not sort and account number, will i need to close that account? after applying to loads of the stupid payday loans, i didn't even carry it through so have had all this stress for just being stupid. Thanku xx