Brand New Bubber - First Hub - Please give suggestions

  1. amzill profile image59
    amzillposted 9 years ago

    Opps*  Hubber (can't seem to edit title - hm

    I'm still learning and a bit confused by many things but I've got my first hub up, so hopefully I'll learn from that.

    I had some trouble placing the graphics, They seem to have a mind of their own!  I've noticed others have then aligned throughout the text, but mine always stand alone.  How can I do this?

    Plus anything else you think might help - all suggestions, constructive criticisms and advice gratefully received.



    1. mistyhorizon2003 profile image95
      mistyhorizon2003posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Amzil,

      Welcome to hubpages. To answer your question about positioning of graphics, in the edit mode for that photo capsule simply select the size you want your graphic to appear, and if you wish it to appear on the right hand side of the screen click on the green right pointing arrow on the top right of the edit capsule. Your image will then move to the right of the screen and appear either in half or quarter size depending on what you selected. To move this image up and down throughout your hub use the green up and down arrows until the picture is positioned by the text you wish it to be.
      Alternatively you can use the "Reorder" list on the right of your hub, and drag the various capsules into the order you want them to appear, and then click "Reorder". The page will then refresh itself with all the capsules listed in the new order.
      Hope this helped.