Swiped Content!

  1. RDHayes profile image74
    RDHayesposted 9 years ago

    Two years ago I used a flyer I had made for my salesmen on the front page of my website. The flyer did so well in the field I figured it would do well on the web also.

    Well a year ago I'm sitting in my office and get a wild hair and decided to google the title. The result page brought up several results, all of which were from companies who have copy pasted my content! Some of them tried to hide the fact by adding more content and changing some of the words but the results spoke for themselves.

    So, of course I was miffed and started trying to contact these site owners. Oh we copied your content? It must have been the web company who made the site for us that put that on there.

    Excuse me but if you own a business and run it like a business wouldn't you want to make sure the content on your web site isn't using some one elses content without thier permission first? How utterly stupid!

    Well I'm back to telling them to remove my content or give me credit by linking to my page and naming me as the author. This time I found Archive.org which archives web pages. My page was archived as of July 5th 2007 which means it was published some time earlier. I forwarded my results link and thier results link, (there's showing no results) in an email. We'll see what happens!

    Note: If you do an archive search on a url and you get no results, Archive.org says that the content is not old enough to archive and is usually less then 6 months.

    Has any one else found some one swiping your stuffz! If so let me know how you acted upon it.

  2. Houellebecq profile image63
    Houellebecqposted 9 years ago

    Great job creating a case against them using the archived website. I really hope you get the content removed or at least linked to your name and website. It might get people to search on their own content and prevent the same thing from happening to them!

    I know that cracked.com had problems with sites stealing their content a while ago. Another website had actually copied articles, translated them into spanish word-for-word, and even used the same photos. It was so brazen and obvious.

  3. RDHayes profile image74
    RDHayesposted 9 years ago

    Well the contact email addres returnd as undeliverable. Next step, is to take the whois information on the domains and contact the hosting and isp companies.