The 21st Century Troubled Times

  1. William Beale profile image60
    William Bealeposted 5 years ago

    Everywhere, people are asking, "What can we do about the struggles we face today? Is there anything in these troubled times?  Just this morning I woke up and heard that New Jersey had an Earthquake, are you kidding me that's wear I grow up at...As if Sandy wasn't enough???

    The implication is that one individual is impotent, that he is an insignificant factor in any situation..

    Fear assails us ; anxieties haunt us; we become irritated and nervous.  We are hit by hurricanes or floods, recessions and job layoffs.  Prayer is no longer permitted in the public schools, half the adult population in the United States is illiterate, and schoolchildren carry guns and knives to school for protection.  It's no wonder that many people don't know where to turn or what to do to live a happy life, credit reporting services rejects you from having anything worth while in today's times.

    And The rich pay less taxes, and lay more people off during the holidays season.  We even have more Veterans that need more help with their disability, than every before. they never completed helping those back during the Vietnam War.

    And tomorrow is the election and thousand will vote for Mitt Romney who has closed hundreds of business location throughout the United States.  Reguardless or not President Obama deserve a second term jumping in a ditch that was so far deep we don't even know what country he is from.

    Yes we are facing troubled times in the 21st Century, tell us what has happen to your lifestyle over the past 4 years.  I have used up all my unemployment, had surgery, veteran, kicked out of programs for no reason, homeless, divorce, still unemployed, and planning to go homeless again in less than a week or two before thanksgiving.  Can you believe that??? its America Look how they treated Jesus?????