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    Beth37posted 5 years ago

    Hi, Im brand new to hp. I checked the FAQ's but didn't find the answer I'm looking for. Can you see who's following you? I didn't see a way to do that.

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    Beth37posted 5 years ago

    haha, I just figured it out. Ugh... sorry.

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    Beth37posted 5 years ago

    I wish I could delete the first question... ok here's my real question. lol
    I posted one of my blogs here on HP and it wouldn't allow it. I wasn't aware of that stipulation. So, I went to my blog and placed it in the "draft" section, thereby taking it out of viewership. I can't tell, but I think HP is still not publishing that blog. Does that sound accurate or maybe I just need to give them more time?

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    relacheposted 5 years ago

    You can't publish recycled or unoriginal content on HubPages.  Duplicated content is disallowed.

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    Beth37posted 5 years ago

    Yes, thanks... if an entry has been taken off the other site though, so that it can no longer be read... is it then ok to use?

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      wildernessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      If you have just taken it off other sites recently, it is still in the google index (and bing) and will show up as duplicate.  Wait a couple of weeks before publishing again on HP.

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    Beth37posted 5 years ago

    Well now, thanks to an article you wrote, I just realized what the problem was. It was a blog I had written called "quoting the giants" where I wrote on 3 famous ppl including some quotes from each of them. Thanks a lot! smile

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    Beth37posted 5 years ago

    thank you wilderness, I made my post concerning the fact that my hub contained quotes before I saw your reply. thank you though, that info is helpful.