Hubpages Needs a "Issues Alert" announcement banner on the 'Feed' Page

  1. janderson99 profile image49
    janderson99posted 4 years ago

    It is very hard to get information about known issues that are affecting the site as a whole, such as incorrect traffic, various capsules not working, etc. Often there are several forum discussions going at once, that hubbers may not be aware of. Staff answer in one thread, but this leaves many none the wiser.There is a lot of time an energy wasted and general confusion.

    How about adding and Issues Alert bulletin to the 'Feed' page (when logged in) with a link to the forum discussion about it and an estimate of how long it will take to fix it. This would keep everyone better informed and reduce the confusion.
    For example: Known Issues =>  Traffic Stats Issue being fixed (2 hr); Uploading Photos Slow (24 hr); Earning Summaries Delayed (2 days)
    It could also be used to notify changes and improvements, news etc.

  2. janderson99 profile image49
    janderson99posted 4 years ago

    It could be squeezed in under 'Status', 'Question', 'Forum' with a background color

  3. Simone Smith profile image93
    Simone Smithposted 4 years ago

    Thanks for that suggestion! Derek and I in particular have been going back and forth on this subject all week. We're definitely working on a solution for this, and I'm adding your input to the arsenal of options we're considering.

    Much appreciated!