What do I do?

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    writingloverposted 5 years ago

    I was checking grandma's mail today, as I live with her, and I found an envelope from the post office with a card from relations of ours torn open. The card was addressed to her and I don't know if there was a gift card in it. My grandma is pushing 95 years old and to find out that someone may have stolen from her makes me sick. There's probably nothing I can do since it happened on the way, after being sent from the twin cities. Just want to hear you guys' take and if there IS something I can do, it would be appreciated. I love my grandma...thanks!

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      bBereanposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      First I would recommend determining if anything is missing.  Any relation kind enough to send the card would understand if you explained to them what happened.  This way, if there was nothing of value taken, you can simply take measures to avoid it happening again, (a secure mailbox perhaps?), and relax knowing your grandma was not stolen from this time. 

      If something of value is missing, and you are sure it happened before getting to your grandma's mailbox, I would report it to the postal authority so they are aware they may have a problem.  Perhaps they have had complaints before about the mail carrier on duty.  If it may have happened after getting to the box, there is little you can do to get it back unless there are any security cameras that might have had a view of the mailbox, to provide clues.  Are there homes, apartments or businesses that may have cameras you could check with?  For whatever it is worth, you may want to report it, in case there have been others missing mail.  Sometimes thieves target specific areas repeatedly.  Authorities can't police all these instances, but if they get multiple reports in one area they may be able to keep an eye out for that car rolling through the neighborhood, pulling up to mailboxes.  If your grandma lives in a close knit community perhaps neighbors would help watch and possibly catch a description or plate number in a future incident.  Not likely you can regain what was lost, but you may be able to stop it from continuing.

      By speaking with the relation who sent the card you can discuss with them how they would like it handled if something was missing, and perhaps you both can agree to spare grandma the grief of knowing.  If they know, that relation won't call up to ask grandma if she got it.  If you both agree she should be told, at least grandma will get the complete story the first time around and not have to deal with having to explain it to the relation...since they will already know.

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        writingloverposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks. And I had a huge burden taken off of my shoulders when it turned out to be just a thank you card from my little cousin. It just bugs me, still, that there are those that are willing to take advantage of their position in the postal service to steal. Unfortunately, as you said, you can't do much to stop them (bearing your advice in mind) without the aid of cameras. We do have neighbors that keep an eye out for her and her property--for when I am not home. I'm just hoping that this was just an isolated incident (the card was almost ripped to shreds--I'm surprised that she was able to read it). Thank you very much for your advice!