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Revise system must pinpoint the exact problem.

  1. kingkos profile image60
    kingkosposted 4 years ago

    wish there is a system in your program that can underline or pinpoint why need revise in one article.

    1. psycheskinner profile image80
      psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Generally you can find the reason in the email, at the top of the hub in viewing mode, or in the right column in editing mode. I generally find the issue to be pretty specific (e.g. a specific untrusted link).

      1. kingkos profile image60
        kingkosposted 4 years ago in reply to this

        Yeah I know that's why I post this, What I mean example they underline the word or the phrase.

  2. ritsukakunx profile image62
    ritsukakunxposted 4 years ago

    From reading your turtle/money hub, I am going to guess because of the following:

    - Using "U" instead of "you"

    - Using "i" instead of "I"

    - Not spacing between a period. Sometimes you do something like "said the monkey.He" instead of "said the monkey. He"

    Hope this helps! You gotta use proper grammar, or close to it, in your hubs! :p (I'm not perfect with it myself; just trying to help!)

    1. kingkos profile image60
      kingkosposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      thanks wish there is a system like that.hahaha

  3. 2uesday profile image86
    2uesdayposted 4 years ago

    If they did that i.e. underlined where each of the errors were in a piece of writing then they would need to employ more staff to be editors as well as the moderators.  Hubs are now checked before featuring them, in the past they relied on Hubbers to check pages on the hub hopper.

    It is worth knowing that the articles here are not usually written in the style of a blog. I believe the previous comment by ritsukakunx is right,  that if you do not try to use the correct grammar you will struggle to get your pages featured here. Do not let this put you off, just keep in mind that writing one article that gets approved and featured might take longer than three that do not, but which ones will be of more value to you?