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Looking for Advice/Feedback

  1. aparkhurst7 profile image78
    aparkhurst7posted 4 years ago

    So I've only been here a couple days and I've written three hubs, one of which is getting reviewed, the other is featured, and the other one isn't featured. The first one was written before I really knew what I was doing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated though! I can take it. I promise.
    I have a small question as well. When you view your own hub, is that counted?

    1. spartucusjones profile image94
      spartucusjonesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I still need to go check out your hubs. But before I do that I will answer your question. Yes views from your own hubs are counted. Because of this sometimes hubs show traffic even before they are published. This is because every time you go to edit your hub it is considered a view.

  2. spartucusjones profile image94
    spartucusjonesposted 4 years ago

    Now I had a chance to check out your hubs. First off I think it is awesome that you are seeking feedback that is how we learn.

    Concerning your hub on "How to Succeed at Everything You Do" my main suggestion is break up the hub a bit more so it is not just one long text capsule. At the very least I would add multiple text capsules, with different subheadings. Also it might not hurt to add other capsules as well. For example this hub could possibly benefit from a poll capsule.

    Concerning your other hub, "The Game that Changed my life" you have already applied the suggestions I made concerning your other hub. You have multiple text capsules and you make good use of the poll capsule and video capsules. You do a nice job of describing the game. As far as possible suggestions for improvement, if you have the desire to make your hub more search engine friendly I would probably select another title and maybe select more search friendly subtitles. For example you might pick a title like "Product Review of Rocksmith", or some other title which might incorporate the name of the game. If you are concerned about search engine traffic it is good to do keyword research and it is good to think about how people would search for the product. Also in order to improve your Amazon sales you might decide to add a description of your product.

    The only other thing to keep in mind for both Hubs, is that it is good to only use photos that are not copyrighted and you want to properly attribute your photos.

    Otherwise I enjoy your writing style, and I especially enjoyed your hub on Rocksmith. Welcome to Hubpages!

  3. agvulpes profile image87
    agvulpesposted 4 years ago

    I agree with spartucusjones, especially about the Title, IMO you need to get the main keyword in 'above the fold' more often. Of course without being accused of 'stuffing' smile
    Another point:  it is common to have the first image down a bit so that the first 'ad block' shows on top right hand!
    You also have the name of the Poll showing twice?  IMO once is enough:
    Otherwise it's a nice hub and should do well smile
    You have a new follower smile

  4. aparkhurst7 profile image78
    aparkhurst7posted 4 years ago

    Thank you! Really appreciate it!

  5. Page1 SEO tactics profile image80
    Page1 SEO tacticsposted 4 years ago

    Spartucusjones has some really good advice there. I would also like to suggest that you do some research on search engine optimization (SEO), which will include learning about keyword research plus all the other criteria the search engines use to rank and index your pages. As having a lot of traffic from the HP community is great, however you definitely want to focus on getting quality traffic from the search engines, to generate a steady rising flow of organic targeted traffic. 

    As for you little question: Yes, your own view on your hubs are counted, however, I believe they are also taken back, as sometimes you will see a "-1" in your traffic sources (found under your account hub stats) list.

  6. aparkhurst7 profile image78
    aparkhurst7posted 4 years ago

    I've been reading about SEO actually. I've also seen tags in some videos and articles that help you with your SEO but I can't figure out how to add tags, unless this is something HP has recently gotten rid of?

  7. writinglover profile image88
    writingloverposted 4 years ago

    Hello! Tags have been disabled because a bunch of jerks decided to abuse them. smile Hopefully you've found everything else that you've been looking for! Happy hubbing!