Open discussion seeking any positive ideas as resolutions for solution

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    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    Two contributions of late by this hubpages author, writer, and poet. One is a puzzle, which is a riddle, yet is nothing more or less than a whole bunch of fun.

    Discovered as 'Time Travel. A moment of pondering eternity.' This entry at Explore» Religion and Philosophy» Astrology and Metaphysics» Dreams» Discussions seeks only the participants whimsical thoughts of 'What if' of this or that and not who more so of when and where what does or does not occur.

    Or, just remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun . . . pondering stuff of nothing leading to creative thought, the entrepreneurial spirit, a Starship Enterprise, of which 'you' are the captain . . . headed as Captain Kirk says, "Out there, somewhere . . ."

    The product of spontaneity, random thoughts, purposeful cause, a years planning, overcoming fear, and the simplicity of sharing offers for peer review and consideration this hub article;

    Reflections of Wishes A Double Etheree Poem, by Swedish Poet Sannel Larson.

    and not finally as each author does know 'The End' is always a new beginning;

    Remember to Smile and just have fun, fun, fun . . .

    P.S. Words of advice: Leave the programming to the programmers (Said with a nod and a bow)

    Now I have to scoot, like the rabbit in a hole near to Alice in Wonderland, saying "I'm late, I'm late . . .