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Hub with 12 search engine views - Idled after 60 days - Fair?

  1. janderson99 profile image58
    janderson99posted 5 years ago

    In earlier posts HP has stated that the 'heartbeat' requirement is very low and only requires a 'couple of hits from search engines' over 60 days not to be idled. The stats below show would sugges that the test only considers hits from google.com. Can HP confirm this please? I know HP have stated that the '60 day idle' is under review and will be changed at the end of the month, but can HP please clarify what counts as a search engine hit. Thanks! What about the no sources ones - often they are search engines hits for people logged in ( that aren't counted in analytics?

    Total 58
    search.yahoo.com: 2
    bing.com: 2
    google.ch: 2
    search.ask.com: 1
    google.com: 1
    google.com.au: 3
    google.co.il: 1
    18 with no source
    28 referrals

    1. Simone Smith profile image95
      Simone Smithposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hey janderson!
      I'm not going to talk numbers, because that's subject to change so soon. These are the sources we count as search:
      Google Encrypted
      All Google Countries
      Google Mobile
      Google Images

      As I understand it, something with no source is not going to count as something from search. It has to be on our 'list' of things we're looking for and considering as search sources.

      I hope that helps to clear things up a bit more! We'll be sharing more information on traffic-related Featuring issues soon. Thanks for your patience- I know it can be super frustrating to deal with our works in progress. We're doing our best!

  2. janderson99 profile image58
    janderson99posted 5 years ago

    Thanks for the clarification, very much appreciated!

  3. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 5 years ago

    If you share the Hub while it's not featured, it's a little easier to see if there is an issue.  Happy to take a look...

    1. janderson99 profile image58
      janderson99posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for that, but I'm always afraid of leaving it unfeatured for too long in case G sees the noindex tag. Knowing what counts helps a lot. Thanks!

      1. wilderness profile image98
        wildernessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Unless you're in a hurry to get it indexed (as is usually the case) that doesn't seem to be a problem.

  4. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 5 years ago

    6 per month does strike me as greater than the stated "few"