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Is HubPages really worth the time?

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    michaelbt2posted 4 years ago

    So, over the last couple years, I've written a number or articles - some that do better than others. I came in just when the Google algorithm took place and writers saw massive reductions in their potential profits. But, I said what the heck, lets try. And, to be honest, much of my writing is to build up some quality backlinks to my personal blog where I write about the same topics.

    1. Doing a search for "site:michaelbt2.hubpages.com" shows that only 2 pages (1 being an article) has been indexed by Google, therefore reducing the likelihood of building qualified backlinks - at least from Hubpages.
    2. I have also earned a messily few dollars through Hubpages.
    3. I hadn't touched my hubs for months and retained a score of 84+, added some images to a few hubs adding some visual substance and my score dropped 10 points the next day.
    4. My "featured" hubs change daily so I can't get a clear picture of what's working and what's not.
    5. Some of those same articles that haven't been touched, have now been unpublished due to "copied" material. So, I get penalized for someone using my articles. I do not duplicate the articles elsewhere.
    6. Hubpages homepage never changes. It's almost like no one is home keeping watch.

    I recently published some articles on Ezine and a few days later - I have built quality backlinks to my blog.

    So, I'm think of removing all 55 articles from HubPages and move them to Ezine.

    1. damian0000 profile image73
      damian0000posted 4 years ago

      hi Michael, I don't really understand the rating system either --- I had no interest in one of my hubs for long time and then when I finally did start getting a few views for that hub, my score went down considerably....

    2. Joy56 profile image61
      Joy56posted 4 years ago

      oh dear that does not sound good......

      Thankfully i love to communicate on hubpages from time to time,....... There are always people upset about something though..........  Maybe that is just a reflection of life...... would be good to have a thread asking who has  been happy with hub PAGES

    3. Kathryn L Hill profile image81
      Kathryn L Hillposted 4 years ago

      HubPages is a very good place to start writing. One should probably move on after they acquire appropriate/adequate/sufficient skills. It is good for beginning through advanced beginning, average, and advanced average. Those who are advanced should take on the real world. It might be nice to actually lay out this system some how. Those who are advanced could stay on in this case.

      Just the Meandering Thoughts of a Beginning Writer.

    4. wilderness profile image97
      wildernessposted 4 years ago

      HP is not intended as a site to provide backlink services.  If you primary objective is to give a backlink to your blog it isn't going to work well.  Hubs are intended to be stand alone articles with a good deal of informative value; a bunch of short hubs without much to say except "Here's my blog" just doesn't work here.

      A friendly tip as well; as your hubs go through the QAP you are likely to find them unpublished for the single link to css tutorials.  Links are required to be pertinent and germane to the topic of the hub; such a link doesn't have a lot to do with cutting grass.  Your links to your blog may be the same; you being the author of both does not make a link pertinent.