Ebay Sales Report Question

  1. sleepylog profile image95
    sleepylogposted 4 years ago

    In my Ebay Sales Report it shows I have made a sale. An amount is showing in the Revenue column and while I realise that we don't earn any revenue from Ebay sales, I'm curious as to what that amount means. Can anyone please elighten me?

    1. Simone Smith profile image90
      Simone Smithposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Hey sleepylog!

      Marina Lazarevic, our go-to ad expert, provides the best answer, which I am pasting below:

      "Hubbers earn from clicks on eBay products (during their share) and not sales. This is explained in the expanded Help section on the eBay Sales Report page (below) and in this FAQ entry. eBay earnings will be reported on the Earnings Report page (select "eBay Program from the drop-down menu to see the revenue separately!)

      This page gives you more details about revenue and sales originating from eBay Capsules on your Hubs. This information should help you optimize where you should choose to employ eBay Capsules, and possibly how to format them within your Hub. This page comprises two sections: eBay Revenue and Sales by Hub and Recent Winning eBay Bids.

      Please note that these are not earnings figures, but rather total sales, revenue, and winning bids information across your Hubs. This data is provided to help you optimize your Hubs, not give you an accurate read of how much you should expect to be paid via the eBay Program. For that, please visit your Earnings Reports.

      In the eBay Revenue and Sales by Hub section, you'll see what each Hub with eBay Capsules has earned over the past 30 days, since you published the Hub or enabled the eBay Program (whichever is more recent), and how much that translates to on an RPM (or revenue per 1000 Hub views) basis. The RPM figure, in particular, can tell you which Hubs really are benefiting from their eBay Capsules, and which are not. For those Hubs with very low RPMs, you might consider making sure the products listed are directly related to the Hub's topic, and if they are already, then consider possibly removing them, since they might be competing for more valuable ad clicks.

      In the Recent Winning eBay Bids section, you can see the products that were actually sold via clicks on your Hubs' eBay Capsules. If you see a pattern of products being bought that are not, in fact, included in your eBay Capsule, we strongly suggest editing that Hub's eBay Capsule and explicitly including those products, since visitors are probably searching on eBay for the product. Providing a direct link to the product in the eBay Capsule itself might lead to a higher conversion to sale."