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50,000 Views in 17 Months

  1. Sherry Hewins profile image95
    Sherry Hewinsposted 4 years ago

    I have no idea if this is a good number, but it seems like a milestone to me. I hope the second 50,000 doesn't take as long.

    1. missolive profile image96
      missoliveposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations Sherry! I've learned to compete against myself and not others. Not easy for me...I am very competitive! haha

      May the next 50K roll in quicker than the first. Keep it up smile

    2. angryelf profile image92
      angryelfposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I've got no where near that haha, so that is definitely something to celebrate!!! Congrats Sherry!

  2. rebekahELLE profile image88
    rebekahELLEposted 4 years ago

    I like Missolives's comment!  I think 50,000 views is awesome, and is certainly a milestone.  Your hubs look very interesting and I'm going to read a few of your California hubs.  I love that part of California.  smile

    I'm always happy that anyone finds their way to my hubs.  I'm more concerned that they find them informative and helpful in some way.   Your next 50k will come much quicker.

  3. Gail Meyers profile image87
    Gail Meyersposted 4 years ago


  4. janshares profile image97
    jansharesposted 4 years ago

    Congrats, Sherry Hewins, it is indeed a milestone to be celebrated. I wish you many more multiplied!

  5. KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image80
    KoffeeKlatch Galsposted 4 years ago

    I think 50,000 views are terrific.  Believe me, the nest 50,000 really do come quicker.  Like missolive, I compete with myself.

  6. Sherry Hewins profile image95
    Sherry Hewinsposted 4 years ago

    Thank you everybody. There's just something about those round numbers that makes them seem noteworthy, and it's still a long way to 100,000. I just wanted to mark the halfway point.

    1. wilderness profile image98
      wildernessposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      That's a great achievement, so don't despair - as others have said the second fifty comes much more quickly.

  7. Angela Blair profile image81
    Angela Blairposted 4 years ago

    Sincere congratulations -- you deserve the views as your work is great!

  8. Pearldiver profile image79
    Pearldiverposted 4 years ago

    Congrats... and yes of course that is a milestone to be proud of...
    now... what's the secret to earning $50,000 from the same number of views, in the same period of time?  smile

    1. Dale Hyde profile image82
      Dale Hydeposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Eureka! You mean we don't get a dollar per page view! The horrors! smile

  9. sirama profile image90
    siramaposted 4 years ago

    Congratulations Sherry. It is a good milestone...
    If 60% of that is coming from search engine then that is even good.

  10. ChitrangadaSharan profile image57
    ChitrangadaSharanposted 4 years ago

    Congratulations for a well deserved milestone of 50,000 views! You must be feeling a great sense of achievement. Wish you all the best for many more views!

  11. Ceres Schwarz profile image23
    Ceres Schwarzposted 4 years ago

    Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement smile. That's really great and it's definitely a milestone and something to celebrate.

  12. G Miah profile image81
    G Miahposted 4 years ago

    Congratulations Sherry Hewins

  13. starme77 profile image74
    starme77posted 3 years ago

    Awesome Sauce smile

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