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AdSense approval on only one hub?

  1. LeighMC profile image71
    LeighMCposted 4 years ago

    Hi hubbers

    I have been accepted for the AdSense program, and it is showing a few pennies, so it must be working.
    However, when I received my email saying I'd been approved, it said this:


    Your Google AdSense application has been approved. The display of relevant
    Google ads on
    http://leighmc.hubpages.com/hub/Easy-Nutella-Brownies will soon

    You can in your AdSense account only generate revenue with the content
    you make on the host for AdSense partner sites.

    Does this mean AdSense will only be placing ads on that one hub about Nutella Brownies? I didn't specify that hub when I applied, so I don't know why it is specified in the email.
    How does it actually work with ads? Will they place ads on all the hubs or just that one?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but this is all so freaking confusing to me!

    Any help would be appreciated,

    1. myefforts profile image85
      myeffortsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Not really. It will be displayed on all the hubs you produce here on hub pages. In my adsense account, under the account settings section it mentions the website as myefforts.hubpages.com which is actually my home page here and should be similar in your case as well. So any sub domain after this main domain would have adsense ads. By mentioning one hub, I guess they mean, they would be starting from that one...

      1. LeighMC profile image71
        LeighMCposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks for your reply.
        I'm going to go and check under my account settings and see what it says.

  2. To Start Again profile image83
    To Start Againposted 4 years ago

    um...when you signed up, did you use your hubpages profile pafe as your site or did you enter the url of that specific hub? You should have put your profile url *hubpages.com.../leighmc

    I still have my email from them and in it, they used my hubpages profile and didn't mention any hubs specifically. This was from 4 years ago, mind you so things may have changed but I think you may be right about the ads showing on just the one hub if you used that hubs URL when you signed up.

    1. LeighMC profile image71
      LeighMCposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Nope, I used just my profile. Definitely not from a specific hub.
      When I go into my AdSense account though, it shows just my profile name - not the Nutella brownies hub, so I think I'm okay.
      I hope!

      1. livewithrichard profile image85
        livewithrichardposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        When you log into your Google Adsense account, click on the 'My Ads' tab at the top, and then 'URL Channels' in the left column.  Then click on the '+ New URL Channel' tab.  From there, you can add the URL of every hub that you create and track them individually.  You should do this if you want to track the performance of your content rather than the whole body of your content.  This helps you optimize your content so that you are targeting your keywords properly.

        If you were given a publisher id number from Google Adsense then you able to earn from everything that you publish here on HP as well as other sites that allow you to share in adsnese revenue.  Just keep in mind, that if you choose to use it on other sites, make sure you create a new 'Custom Channel' from right above the 'URL Channels' tab.

        1. LeighMC profile image71
          LeighMCposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks so much for your advice. I think I will do that. It'll be interesting to see which hubs do the best in terms of advertising.