Quality issues on a blog that is in English, but based on Indian Films

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  1. Max Makhija1 profile image59
    Max Makhija1posted 6 years ago

    Now obviously, this will have Indian names, so why is the quality feature always come, I have taken care of most things, Why, cannot Hub pages be more direct and say , this is not correct and please correct it ? Also another blog is on numerology and names, just because there have to be numbers, there are quality issues, so why cannot Hub pages be more direct and say, this is not correct and please note this is what should be correct.

    1. livewithrichard profile image85
      livewithrichardposted 6 years ago

      It probably has nothing to do with the names you use or numbers, and everything to do with the natural flow of the conversation.  If you are writing with broken English or improper grammar then the QAP, MTurk, and Hub Hoppers, will catch this and flag the Hub for quality reasons.  I'm not saying this is the reason, I'm saying this is a possibility for the quality issues based on the one Hub of yours that I read on Ancient Indian History.  I found it to be all jumbled up with no natural flow, though the topics were interesting, there were no resources to follow up with.

    2. Max Makhija1 profile image59
      Max Makhija1posted 6 years ago

      Thanks Richard,  I do agree, but that is a published blog and I keep on changing stuff around, to keep it at it's best views, so that people, who get bored of one capsule can read another one and get interested and when i have time, i keep on updating the information and all this depends on time. Another thing, is  a natural flow is needed for a story or a related thing, there are a few thousand pages, i know about Ancient Indian History, everything is not related to the other, also the resources that you say, have been long lost as India, has been under Muslim rule and British rule for 1300 years, so please understand, I have no land of my own, It is in Pakistan and my father a rich person in 1946 was reduced to a pauper in 1947, my mother used to own 97% of Quetta City at one time and she lost her full family in Quetta  Earthquake. So here we are in India, that is our father land and loved by us.

    3. livewithrichard profile image85
      livewithrichardposted 6 years ago

      Max, don't think of Hubpages as a blog.  It is NOT a blog.  Hubpages that perform the best are like magazine pages.  The content of each hub should stand on its own merit and resources.  So, if you have tons of information to share, then pick a topic and create a separate hub to publish it on.  Doing this will allow you to present a clear message on exactly one topic and give your hub a better chance at being discovered by searchers.

      In the early stages of writing here, your goal is to find a hub layout that works best for your information.  Use the new Topic Templates that are provided when publishing a new hub and try to use as many of the elements suggested to give your hub the best chance at becoming featured and then indexed by the Search Engines.

      For example, in your Ancient Indian History hub, you could have made a complete hub just on the subject of Indian Slavery. Instead you have only 60 words on the subject.  If I were you, I would leave the Ancient Indian History hub as it is right now and then write a complete hub on each and every one of your sub topics then hyperlink to those new hubs from the Ancient Indian History hub.

      1. Max Makhija1 profile image59
        Max Makhija1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        ok thanks.

    4. Healthyannie profile image84
      Healthyannieposted 6 years ago

      Indian history is a huge subject and so is Islamic culture. I looked at your hubs quickly, and there is a lot to take in. Perhaps if you separate out the subjects. I have also written to articles here about Arabic food culture called Ali Baba's kitchen, and I have separated the subjects out. There is so much to write about. In my hubs about Ali Baba's kitchen, I have also included "fun things" like a quick Arab language lesson and a proverb in the other one.
      At the moment I am doing a lot of research on Moses, and I am waiting to finish a hub about Moses but I need to visit this place in the delta to finish it off, but given the circumstances I can't go there at the moment. So what I am trying to say is, never be frighten to start a hub, and come back to it.

    5. Max Makhija1 profile image59
      Max Makhija1posted 6 years ago

      Thanks for your feed back and appreciated your guidance.

      1. ameliam.michelle1 profile image73
        ameliam.michelle1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Max another thing, as Richard rightly pointed out, HP is not a blogging website, it is a platform where you can share your views with others. Language plays an important role in getting hub featured. Without proper organisation, your hub may not get good scores.Flow should be there, mere information is not enough.

        It is better if you break down your hub into sub-points or if necessary, into different hubs, if the volume of information is huge. Make sure the hub is properly planned and the information well-dished out.

        1. Max Makhija1 profile image59
          Max Makhija1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks for the feedback


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