Bubblews and HubPages Revenue Models

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    DigbyAdamsposted 4 years ago

    A lot of people don't think that Bubblews will last out a cold winter. No problem. At least while it lives you'll get paid for hanging out and writing. They do share their profits from views and visitors. Have you realized that HubPages has monetized these forums and none of us are getting a cent from that? There are ads at the bottom of every page.

    No I don't know how much they're making HubPages. They've been there for awhile. So they're probably making something. This is another revenue stream that HubPages has kept for themselves, like the ads on the side of the topic pages.

    At least with Bubblews when I hang out and post and talk with people I'm making money. That's one of the reasons I'm spending less time here and more time there.

    I understand why so many people are here. Me. In two years I've earned $44.68. I'm sticking around long enough to cash in. At this rate I might be gone into 2 or 3 years.

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    WriteAngledposted 4 years ago

    Must admit I earned more today over there than I have earned in the last week over here.

    Over there, I have eleven posts, none of which took more than ten minutes to write. Over here I have 22 hubs, many of which took days of research and hours of writing to produce.

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    DigbyAdamsposted 4 years ago

    It's a very sobering reality, that I'm hoping HubPages considers. With traffic and earnings so low, they should lower the monthly payout to $10. Since I have no intention of writing another hub anytime soon, I'm sitting on $44 that I'll probably never see.

    In fact in a fit of pique yesterday I deleted all of my hubs and asked to have my account deleted. When they told me that I was so close I decided not to close my account. Well, now I have zero hubs, because they haven't passed review or are stuck with the mTurks. But my Hubber score has increased two points. Go Figure.