Something like Big Brother. A forum game to end all.

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    epsonok0posted 4 years ago

    Welcome. This is how it works.
    You apply to play by replying to the initial post with, im in. Or ya, ill play.
    Once 15 are reply the game starts.
    When I reply with guess the number all players will make an attempt.
    The closest to that number without going over becomes "safe from eviction for one round"
    The person farthest from the number is evicted from the game.

    We keep going untill two are left.

    Then those two put up a plea as to why they should win the grand prize.
    The grand prize winner will be chosen by a vote by all previous players.

    The head of house or safe person also gets to pick one person who is also safe for the next round.
    That is how this could be fun.
    Players can email each other from there profiles and promise each other safety. Forming alliances.
    We keep having rounds of guess what number i am thinking untill only two are left standing.

    The grand prize will be a hub written by me about your hubs, your work, your websites, etc etc.
    Its a good prize cause unless your a huge known hubber that is a hard thing to get another hubber to do for you. The hub I write will have links to your best works.

    Ok so lets start.
    No off commenting please.
    I just need 15 to participate.
    Go ahead.