Any number type guesses?

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  1. EGamboa profile image87
    EGamboaposted 5 years ago

    I know this kind of questions are very subjective, realizing that I'd still appreciate you throwing out any guesses on my number goal. If my first article scored 84 (my publishing goal is 15), and then received 100 views in about 24 hours..what should my goals be to get to the revenue receiving point.  Views-goal number? Time number (months?) Traffic number goal? (views?) …to get to the revenue-generating point. Thanks so much.

    1. LeanMan profile image88
      LeanManposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Your question is far to broad... you asking about hub scores, views or revenue??

      Hubscores are pretty much irrelevant to google and the other search engines and are only an internal measure within HP..

      Views will depend on the keywords that you use and the competition in the niches that you write within. Think about the title of your hub and now think about how many people will actually type the title of your hub or something similar into the search engine.. This is what generates your views from outside of HP. You can check traffic for a keyword using the Google Keyword Tool, just search in the search box above if you want to know about these things..

      If you want to know about earnings it will depend on your views; but most people that I know tend to get around $1 per hub per month if they understand the basics of onpage SEO..

    2. relache profile image84
      relacheposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      No one can predict the CPM your Hubs will receive, and it fluctuates constantly anyway, so you are trying to calculate something that cannot be calculated.  And that's not even considering other factors like chosen topic, writing skill and promotional efforts.

      Based on anedcotal reports that I compiled into one of my Hubs, it takes on average anywhere between 50-100 Hubs and 9-18 months for people just starting out here to make their first payout.  Most likely, you'll fall somewhere in those ranges but sometimes people do better with less, faster and some people take longer and need more content.

      1. EGamboa profile image87
        EGamboaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks so much Relache and LeanMan. Is this more specific…about how many views would to be showing when it gets to that point. I take it, it would be a total views on about 75 Hubs…altogether.

        1. relache profile image84
          relacheposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Go back and re-read my previous answer to you.  Especially the second half of the first sentence.

          HubPages has said, on average, that people tend to make $2-$4 per thousand views.  But no one can predict the rate or consistency of their traffic (views) nor what sort of ad rates their pages will earn or maintain.

          It will take you as long as it takes you.

  2. EGamboa profile image87
    EGamboaposted 5 years ago

    Gotcha. Thanks!

    1. EGamboa profile image87
      EGamboaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      One more thing, is it safe to assume I'm racing the declining traffic signal. in other words, do I attempt to get another hub up as one starts to decline?

      1. Free Gamers profile image71
        Free Gamersposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        If you're relying on only views from inside the hubpages community, then yes. Keep churning out hubs to entertain those people. Make sure you write interesting enough topics to either shock, excite, anger, or freak people out, and you'll keep them coming back to read more.

        If you're writing hubs with the intention of hitting page one on Google for a specific keyword or phrase, and you achieve it, then you have no declining traffic to worry about, so long as the hub is strong enough to maintain its place in the serps.

        I see your hubscore is 79 now. Take a week-long break and it'll have dropped to 75 or lower. So no holidays for you if you want to achieve a score of above 85, and maintain it to get any SEO benefit from your hubs.

        It happened to another account of mine. I had a few hubs that hit page one and page two in Google, took a break from the site, and when I returned, all my hubs internal links from related topics had turned nofollow because my hub profile score dropped from 85 to 80. All my hubs disappeared from Google too.

        Hold on while I just go shut my head in the door a few times....back!

        So yea, enjoy.

        1. EGamboa profile image87
          EGamboaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks FG. But, where do you see that score, my score on the Hub stats page is 84. Ugh. Typing my fingers to the bone here!

          1. Writer Fox profile image46
            Writer Foxposted 5 years agoin reply to this

            On HubPages, you have a 'Hubber Score' which is the number plastered on your avatar face.  Also, each Hub has a 'Hub Score'.  On your Account page, the average Hub Score for all of your Hubs is calculated. Free Gamers was referring to your Hubber Score.

            Now, you are probably going to ask what makes up each of these.  There are some general ideas, but mostly it's a complete mystery and they go up and down all of the time.  People who haven't published new Hubs in more than a year, never visit the forum, and never comment on other people's Hubs can have a very high score. People with the most search traffic from search engines sometimes have very low scores, too.

            A Hubber Score below 85 (recently changed from 75) means that any links you put on your Hubs will not be followed by search engines.  That means that when you link to your other Hubs, Google thinks that you don't really recommend them.  When you link to reference articles or any other website, Google thinks you don't really vote for them.  Unless you are linking to affiliates (advertisements) which should be NoFollow, Google uses your outbound links as part of its assessment to determine rankings on search results pages.  Having every link NoFollow can affect your traffic from Google.

            Welcome to HubPages.


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