Publishing multiple hubs at the same time

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  1. countrywomen profile image60
    countrywomenposted 15 years ago

    I receive email notifications from some hubbers who publish multiple hubs at one time. When some of my favorite writers who publish even one hub at a time I don't find time these days to visit then does publishing multiple hubs benefit the hubber as far as receiving comments from fellow hubbers? Does publishing multiple hubs get the person ranked higher in search engine index thus generating traffic for those hubs from outside hub pages? I apologize if this question has already been discussed many times before and thanks in advance for the replies. smile

    P.S: I am asking this question to expand my knowledge and it wasn't meant to be disrespectful of those who publish multiple hubs in one go.

    1. relache profile image72
      relacheposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Have you considered writing to the people who do this and asking them directly?  That seems like it would be a more effective way to find out why they are doing what they do and what benefits they get from it.

      1. countrywomen profile image60
        countrywomenposted 15 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks for the suggestion. I did email one hubber who publishes many hubs at one go. smile

  2. RGraf profile image87
    RGrafposted 15 years ago

    I would be interested to know that, too.  Thanks for posing the question.

  3. Osa Osazuwa-Tosan profile image61
    Osa Osazuwa-Tosanposted 15 years ago

    As a novice meself, I'm highly eager to know the answer to this question.

  4. Shirley Anderson profile image70
    Shirley Andersonposted 15 years ago

    Hi, CW!  I don't know any official or techie answer, but my personal feeling about this is that your loyal readers can't keep up with you and so don't try.  They'll read some as they can, but consistently publishing multiples, they'll never catch up.

    I think that people publish multiples for the search engines.  I don't have any problem with people doing that, especially if it's a series, but I'll never read them all.

    So, I figure it depends on what you want - search engine traffic ($$) or to connect with your fans.

    It's just my opinion, like I said.  Maybe someone can shed some different light on it.

    1. countrywomen profile image60
      countrywomenposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for answering this question. I also suspect that it could be search engine but wasn't sure why they rank higher when more hubs are published in one go. I was doing some research and found that there could be some web crawlers which pick up information periodically but not sure having multiple hubs helps indexing. But you are right if the motto is to connect better with fans then spacing out publishing those hubs seems to help better as I certainly can't seem to find enough time on my hands these days. big_smile

      1. Shirley Anderson profile image70
        Shirley Andersonposted 15 years agoin reply to this

        Yeah, time seems to be in short supply these days.  Also, if you're publishing multiples all the time, you don't have any time to talk to the people who read your hubs.  That's one of the best parts of HP for me.

        Re the hubscore being higher, does it stay higher or is it just an initial spike before it calms down again?  Could be that their hubscore is higher because all that publishing is perceived (by the system) as lots of HP involvement, or they get a lot of traffic maybe.  I really don't know about that part.

        1. countrywomen profile image60
          countrywomenposted 15 years agoin reply to this

          You are right we may be too busy writing/publishing rather than reading the wonderful hubs from folks like Shirley big_smile. Btw I meant higher in the sense of ranking in search index but never the less you bought a good point about hub scores about which I have no idea. smile

  5. SiddSingh profile image61
    SiddSinghposted 15 years ago

    About publishing multiple hubs in one go, I guess it will not help with search engines if the hubs are on different topics. If these multiple hubs are tightly centred around a single topic, maybe it will help (SE perceiving them to be a lot of content, and if the hubs are linked together).

    But this is just a guess. I would certainly like to learn more on this.

    1. countrywomen profile image60
      countrywomenposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for elaborating this. I never knew that they had to be "tightly centred" on a single topic to be effective in SE. big_smile

  6. Anti-Valentine profile image74
    Anti-Valentineposted 15 years ago

    I get suspicious when I get e-mail notifications that are three or four minutes apart. It takes me well over that to publish one hub.

  7. sunforged profile image69
    sunforgedposted 15 years ago

    heres a theory for you...some of us dont compose our hub text from within the hub browser...

    a browser crash or a system freeze could always cause a loss

    that tiny little window annoys me - dont understand why there isnt a full page text editor

    even though the draft option autosaves your text, you lose all formatting

    so if you have a bunch of finished texts - you then head over to hubpages and pop out a few hubs, it doesnt take much time at all to stick a few product feeds and rrss feeds into the hub

    So you could quickly publish a bunch of hubs within 3 -4 minutes of each other no problem.

    I dont see how this could be a seo method, if hubpages were a blog - its usually better practice to naturally stagger your releases for seo optimization

    1. Anti-Valentine profile image74
      Anti-Valentineposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Go on! I also don't compose my hubs in the browser! We have so much in common! smile

  8. dineane profile image81
    dineaneposted 15 years ago

    Let me just say, I still really have no idea what I'm doing!

    But sometimes, I get on a roll. I published 4 hubs, mostly unrelated, this weekend - simply because I had time, and muse. I did wonder if I should space them out a bit more, but I tend to doubt it really matters, as far as earnings. Maybe I'd get more comments from fellow hubbers, but that is not what draws the "clicks", right?

    I publish when I can...I have no strategy. Maybe one day I'll learn better :-)

  9. LelahKimball profile image77
    LelahKimballposted 15 years ago

    I have published a few hubs close together.  Lately, I’ve just been on a roll.  I write elsewhere too.  I don’t always know where I’m going to publish until I’m done—I only write in word.  Sometimes I write things and sit on them a bit until the time seems right to publish them and the media is right too.  I also tend to answer requests quite a bit on Hub Pages; over half my hubs are request answers.

    I’m a newbie; I’m definitely still learning here.  I didn’t realize it was in bad form to publish close together.  I didn’t think/know there were any benefits to doing that.  I also never expected anyone to read everything I write.  Like I said, I’m still on a learning curve.

  10. profile image0
    shinujohn2008posted 15 years ago

    Spiders are attracted or addicted to those pages where there are updates every hour. Like getting new comments or new posts.

    It is said that search engines love forums and blogs more than content pages or one page articles. This is because there are new blog posts or forum posts every hour or so and it attracts the spiders even if the new post is very small.

    In hubpages when many hubs are published at a short time, then the hubber score will be lower for a few hours. This is because new hubs take more time to get traffic and the algorithm will make the hubber socre low . And only when these newly published hubs also start getting traffic like the older hubs, the hubber score will get to the previous position or higher.

    Most people create new hubs and save them in an unpublished state and after they complete a definite number of hubs, they will start publishing one after another. But most people mistake that it is very fastly created.

    Latest hubs Page in Hubpages is updated each hour with hundreds of new hubs or posts which make the search engines love those pages. If search engines had not considered that page due to too many updates in a hour, then Hubpages would not have scored high page ranks in search engines.

    It proves that Search engines do love new hubs even if they are published in huge numbers.

    The fans may be a few,they can always opt out of fan mails and keep track on latest hubs easily in other ways like bookmarking latest hub page of an author. More importance has to be given to search engine traffic, in which the auidience is huge and google is huge enough to accept any number of pages in its belly. And it is ready to eat everything you publish without getting tired.

    And hubpages authorities have never asked anyone to stop publishing multiple hubs in bulk as long as it is not a copied content.

    1. SiddSingh profile image61
      SiddSinghposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      I think this is true. Forum postings are right at top for a majority of search terms, even if they have little content.

  11. darkside profile image63
    darksideposted 15 years ago

    When I published a series of Capstone hubs and had to cross link them, it was easier to do a few at a time, completely finished, linked to each other, and publish them.

    Though there have been times when a person has obviously got their hands on a pack of PLR articles.


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