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  1. lctodd1947 profile image80
    lctodd1947posted 4 years ago

    I could not find a link to leave a confidential email or one regarding; not getting any hits for HubPages when this has been the source of my income the last 4 years+-.  At least some.

    What I see is that HubPages has there account number on all (most at any rate) of my hubs.  YES, I have been away so this is why my earnings from HubPages has decreased.  Now I know....Don't tell me that 1/2 of the month goes to HubPages and the other to what part of the month has the most visits/ hits????? 
    Whether you think the hubs are quality or not;  I wrote the Mortgage pages and since I have 35yrs + in the business they are quality and the facts not something I have read from someone else's hub.

    I need to see earnings from my work!!! As I once is my work..... Thank you,
    Linda Todd

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image76
      Matthew Meyerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It is not abnormal for Hubs to accumulate earnings gradually or in some cases not at all.
      If you have a specific question or concern regarding your earning or ads on your Hubs, you can email us at team at hubpages dot com.
      Please include as many specifics and detail as you can in order to allow us to help you.

      I think the bigger issue is that you have not activated the HubPages Earnings Program Settings for your account.
      You can find the settings and do so here.