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No eBay Income?

  1. pinappu profile image81
    pinappuposted 4 years ago

    From December 1, 2013, eBay shows $0 as earning! Is it a technical glitch?

    My eBay earnings from May, 2013 to November, I have earned about $20 to $40 per month from eBay capsules. So, I think it is close to impossible to it suddenly coming down to zero without much traffic loss!

    Your help will be appreciated, thank you in advance.

    1. LuisEGonzalez profile image87
      LuisEGonzalezposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      eBay has been having technical issues for several days now and HP has been updating this on the earnings tab. So if your sales come from sales on eBay, then it is probably a glitch since eBay no longer pays for clicks.

    2. Matthew Meyer profile image75
      Matthew Meyerposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      It is not unusual for Hubs to have no eBay earnings as people do not often buy items from Hubs. As Luis explained, eBay income is based only on sales and not clicks.

      See @Marisa's great explanation below.

    3. Marisa Wright profile image100
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      That's because eBay changed the way they pay.

      As Matt says, they pay for actual sales now, not clicks.  They've also shortened their cookie to just 24 hours.  So they work similar to Amazon now, except for one important difference:

      On Amazon, if someone puts an item in their cart within 24 hours, you'll get paid, provided they buy before their cart expires.  That can be up to 90 days.

      On eBay, your buyer must bid, or buy, within 24 hours, even if the auction has days left to run.   If they just watch the item instead - even if they ultimately buy the product - you'll get nothing.

      So you can see, even though both sites say they have a "24 hour cookie", they work very differently, and the odds of making an eBay sale are lower because of that difference.

  2. Len Cannon profile image89
    Len Cannonposted 4 years ago

    Since this is the eBay thread, I have an issue regarding my ebay earnings.

    I was checking my ebay stats today and noticed that no clicks or views were recorded for January 2nd. This date has long since passed since passed the "auditing" period.  I noticed I did in fact have a sale that day which I have not received revenue for. Was hoping to hear if this was an issue that could be resolved.

  3. Victoria Lynn profile image89
    Victoria Lynnposted 4 years ago

    The change really sucks, as it has affected my earnings. I used to get a least a few bucks a month from eBay. Now it's nothing. And my state doesn't allow Amazon affiliates, so I'm screwed as far as affiliates go. :-(