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Strange Findings

  1. snakebaby profile image77
    snakebabyposted 4 years ago

    1. I had not been active at all for a long time (like couple of years at least, even very rarely sign in here), my hubber score remained at 87-89 whenever I remembered to check it out. But since I became active again wanting to improve the earnings couple of months ago, my hubber score started going down and down. I just hope it won't go below 80.

    2. 80-90% of my traffic comes from one hub "blobfish". But except for temporary keyword hits due to google update, no keywords find this hub, even if I add "hubpages" in the end of a keyword, my hub never shows up anywhere in google. In fact, all my hubs have this fate. The "blobfish" hub has 41 pins and over 100 likes, yet all pinterest results come on top with my hub nowhere to be seen in google.

    3. Another of my account was created long time ago, never used it until recently. Any new hub under this account has better fate, or they are ranked normal, at least all in search engines. My "ancient Ghana" hub used to do ok, but now one of the hubs about African Empire under the new account with "Ghana" only in its content shows on the top for "Ghana" related keywords if adding "hubpages" at the end of a keyword, while my old hub that targeting "Ghana" is nowhere to be seen.

    I have no idea what is going on. What does pinterest really do after all? Is my account getting punished with no reason?


    1. IzzyM profile image89
      IzzyMposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I suggest you check your Webmaster Tools page to see if your account has been penalised in any way.
      Having said that, I also got a Google penalty for the longest time, without anything ever showing up on my account.
      Your blobfish hub has been copied in its entirety on several sites, including Facebook and Bubblews.

      https: //www.facebook.com/notes/sumona-roy/worlds-most-miserable-looking-animal/369428779854893
      http: //www.bubblews.com/news/2067796-blob-fish-facts

      I can find your hub title on Google.co.uk showing at #2 for it's exact title. Pinterest is #1.

      I cannot find it for blobfish, blobfish facts, blobfish pictures or blobfish information.

      You have used the word 'blobfish' 24 times in a 500 word hub, which is overkill, frankly.
      The other terms are not mentioned once in the body of the hub.

      If I were you, I would revise your hub to see if it can get back into Google's good books.

      Edit: I have just noticed that the blobfish was voted the world's ugliest animal last year. You could extend your hub by adding a paragraph about that.

      1. snakebaby profile image77
        snakebabyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        Hi IzzyM: Good to hear from you. Are you still doing well with your hubs these days?

        Thanks for the info, though it doesn't give me all the answers.

        I couldn't find the copy on facebook, when I use the link you provided, it does a search instead and finds nothing of course. Searching on facebook itself doesn't give me anything either.

        I contacted bubblews.com, and they took down the article immediately. Thanks for the finding. And can you believe, when I search "blob fish facts", this copy shows up on first page! It's just unfair and I hate google with no ability of distinguishing who is the original author.

        I have no idea where the traffic comes from these days for this blobfish hub, perhaps from countries outside the US only.

        I don't know how to determine if an account was penalized. When I check my google analytic, everything seems to be fine, I see daily visits from 20-60 for hubpages with mostly from blobfish for sure.

        Very much appreciate your suggestion of adding a paragraph about the voting last year. When I have a chance/in the mood, I might do it.

        But at the same time I will slowly move some of my hubs over to the new account, at least everything is normal there.


        1. IzzyM profile image89
          IzzyMposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Go to google.com/webmasters/tools and check under search traffic for 'manual actions' which should tell you if Google has put any on your account.
          I suspect not though, and you are probably best off opening a new sub and writing new stuff until Google decides it likes your original sub again. (It can be hard to track down all the stolen copies of your hubs that are out there).
          You can see where your traffic comes from with a little drilling in Analytics. Else keep an eye on Analytics real-time to see the hits as they happen.

          1. snakebaby profile image77
            snakebabyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

            Thanks! I did go to webmaster tool. Haven't used it for a long time, had hard time locating it. But hubpages has never been one of the sites listed there, so my situation has nothing to do with being penalized or not.

            Then, do I need to add hubpages to my webmaster tool? What's the use when you can't verify the url? I've had hubpages in analytics of course.

            Simply no idea why google wouldn't rank any of my hubs.

            I will begin migrating most of my hubs to a different account, or even try out bubblews.com. The stolen article about blobfish that was published just two days ago got a very good ranking. Not sure if this site is enjoying a better fate than hubpages.

            1. IzzyM profile image89
              IzzyMposted 4 years agoin reply to this

              You can verify your Hubpage account in Webmaster's Tools.

              http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/How- … ster-Tools

              Seriously, I would not migrate hubs.

              I tried doing it. Firstly, I opened the hub in question. Then I highlighted random sentences, right-clicked on them, and chose "search in Google". (I use Chrome)

              Once I had found all the plagiarized copies (we all have 'em), I went straight to Google to get them taken off the index.

              Oh and by the way, for anyone reading this, copies of your work do not have to have Google ads on them for Google to remove them from search. Google can de-index them in a flash, if you find the right form to report them in. I'd add the correct link if I had it to hand, which I do not at the moment. Just search for "plagiarism report to Google" or words to that effect.

              On one hub, once I had ascertained there were no copies, I republished it on another sub. It was almost immediately unpublished by HP for being a copy.

              Someone had stolen it between my checking for copies and re-publishing it, would you believe?

              I then had the arduous task of searching for my own article in the Wayback machine, when I had forgotten the exact url. ( I had deleted it from my account).

              Luckily I did find it eventually, submitted the DMCA, got the copy taken down and was able to re-publish it.

              Write new hubs on your secondary subdomain. Honestly, it's easier than tracking down copies and filing DMCA's!

              Bubblews is great. I am not going to say a bad word against them. They are a fantastic site for earnings (much better than here) and plagiarism is against their TOS, among other things.

              But HP is my spiritual online home and I have trouble tearing myself away.

              1. snakebaby profile image77
                snakebabyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

                Gee, you really are an expert in search engine world. I had difficult time understanding a lot of things you said about tracking down copies, and DMCA, etc.

                For now , could you make me understand this:

                Once I had found all the plagiarized copies (we all have 'em), I went straight to Google to get them taken off the index.

                Where exactly do you go and how to get them off the index (what index?)?

                I really need to learn more about google world.