Bringing Back Old Content from Deleted Hubs

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  1. KarinaKate profile image61
    KarinaKateposted 5 years ago

    Over a year ago, I deleted a bunch of Amazon oriented hubs that needed too many changes to meet new Hubpages standards. What baffles me is that I still see the Amazon IDs I created for these hubs showing up in my list of tracking IDs that get clicks in my Amazon affiliate reports. Not a lot of clicks and never sales...but clicks. During the month of February, there were 14 old, deleted hubs whose tracking IDs (which weren't used in any other content) showed up in my reports.

    I've discovered that if I go to internet archives (the wayback machine), that I can find some of these hubs, even though Hubpages only gives a 410 error when I click on the url that shows up. If I click on a date on the wayback machine that it was archived, the hub shows up, totally complete. This is only if I'm sure of the original url. I did save the content of these hubs, but not all the original urls. (I had changed some of the titles.)

    I would like to create new hubs with completely new urls using this old content. But I'm worried that since it appears they are still archived, even though Hubpages doesn't recognize them, it would eventually be seen as copied content.

    Looking forward to any comments, help, etc.

    1. Mary McShane profile image82
      Mary McShaneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi KarinaKate:
      I read that your question is more about copied content being cited by HP than the Amazon issues.  If that is so, maybe I can be of help.  This is what I did when moving posts over from blogs that I closed down.

      If your hubs have been deleted that long ago, just to be sure, choose a random 3 sentence paragraph (3 consecutive sentences) and put it into Google search box. It should be gone, and nothing should show in the results, unless someone copied you. 

      But, since your articles are no longer "live" pages, if it does show up under your name as a hub, the results may show you a cached page in their archives. 

      Write down the URL in the cached page, and then go to Google URL removal tool, enter the cached page URL and "request to have a cached page removed".  Check the box that says you are the owner - it is your own content.  Check back every couple of days to your dashboard to be notified that they removed it.

      Wait 2 to 3 days after dashboard notification for it to clear out of database (some say a week, I waited 3 days), then upload the hubs again.

      I changed some of the wording around in each hub so that if any were ever copied by others, I'd know if it was from the blog post or the HP post. Also changing the wording around helped keep it from being identified with a cached posts they might have missed. My newly worded hubs have been up on HP for about 3 months with no problems from HP.

      From being copied by other websites, yes, but from HP citing it as duplicate content - no.

      If nothing shows up in the search using 3 sentence paragraphs, you have very little to worry about. Go upload them as new hubs.

      If I were you, I'd make entirely new titles so you don't run into the old ones being resurrected from some ancient Google sage who wasn't "with it" enough the day you Googled your original content. lol  New titles gives you some insurance when tracking down plagarists too.

      I have been moving blog posts over from my blog of over 1500 posts and haven't had a problem yet with HP denying them or citing them as duplicate content. 

      But I have had lots of issues with copying my content to other websites. All my copied content problems are from people who copied  my HP articles from HP website, not the blog, since my HP articles have different wording than the blog posts.

      All the dates of stolen content are within last 3 months of my joining here.  I actually don't understand: the same topics with different wording were on my blog for a year and no one copied them. They copied only the HP hubs with exact wording from my HP hubs and all have dates within the last 3 months.  Go figure?  My blog wasn't good enough to copy, but as soon as it has HP name on it, it gets copied a lot. lol

      Along with the new upload date and title, using the slightly different wording also helped me identify which article was which artile, in the event that it was ever copied and that has been invaluable to me in filing DMCA notices.

      I hope this process helps you get your hubs back on HP.  Good Luck.

      1. Mary McShane profile image82
        Mary McShaneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        A quick Google shows your Wearing High Heels hub on HP under another name - which might be you or not, but it is a direct link from KarinaKate hubpage article from  With spaces added so it's not a live link, here is the URL)
        http://susansaies.  hubpages.  com/hub/  Wearing-High-Heels

        Another quick Google using  "KarinaKate hubpages) showed results where you have tagged a few of your hubs on

        Your Canvas Cross Body Bags, Almond Oil articles are still published on as live (not cached) pages, so you might want to make a decision about  them if you are going to keep them on HP. Again rewording and re-titling will work here.

        Some of your content shows up on foreign sites, so you might want to google yourself (KarinaKate) to see if these belong to you or some other KarinaKate.

        Acne remedy is here: blog_6853f4300100jd2i. html
        With spaces added to URL to keep it from being a live link in this forum.

        Also, check out http:  //
        There are 5 listed and you have 3 of them on HP as of 9 days ago.

  2. Marisa Wright profile image95
    Marisa Wrightposted 5 years ago

    None of the duplicate checkers check the Wayback machine, so you're safe.

  3. KarinaKate profile image61
    KarinaKateposted 5 years ago

    Thanks, Marisa, for your reply. But can you or anyone else account for why I see these old hubs showing up in my Amazon reports?

  4. KarinaKate profile image61
    KarinaKateposted 5 years ago

    Mary McShane, thank you so much for all your awesome information!
    It's greatly appreciated!


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