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Boot Camp Question

  1. WriterJanis profile image76
    WriterJanisposted 3 years ago

    I'm a bit confused. I thought after publishing five Hubs and having them pass moderation that Hubs would automatically publish. However, I just published my 7th Hub and I have to wait for moderation. Could someone please explain?

    1. janshares profile image90
      jansharesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Everybody has to wait for moderation/QAP, WriterJanis. However, that time gets shorter and shorter over time, as your hubs have been proven to pass consistently. For example, it used to take my hubs a day or so, now they take a couple hours. I think Boot Camp is an initiation.

  2. WriterJanis profile image76
    WriterJanisposted 3 years ago

    Thanks for clearing this up for me. I don't mind the wait. I just was curious as I wondered if I was still in boot camp.

  3. srsddn profile image89
    srsddnposted 3 years ago

    I find all your Hubs published. janshares is right. Now it would not take much time. I find my Hubs published within a few hours.

  4. Matt Jordan III profile image80
    Matt Jordan IIIposted 3 years ago

    Janis!  I was thinking the same thing.  What a shot to the ego when I saw the notification that I had to wait for review.  I thought they suddenly didn't like my work.  I was relieved when I saw the last two pass muster rather quickly.  Hope you're well.