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Back After a Loooooooong Absence

  1. Litany Notch profile image76
    Litany Notchposted 3 years ago

    I haven't been on Hubpages for a very long time, in fact years!

    Now I want to get started again. Surprisingly my remaining hubs (only 2 still active?) continue to produce a dollar or two every month.

    Should I:

    1. Delete everything and start from scratch?
    2. Delete everything but the 2 top hubs?
    3. Rewrite and save what I can and delete the remainder?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some instruction on How to Make Hubs in 2014?

    I also don't understand the new Amazon and eBay setup - do I need to apply for affiliate accounts via Hubpages even though I have my own accounts?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    1. Sherry Hewins profile image98
      Sherry Hewinsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I would delete any that I thought were truly hopeless, edit the rest adding new information. photos, videos polls and all the rest that HP is so fond of now.

    2. swilliams profile image85
      swilliamsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Litany Here is a great link that I found helpful by the Hub staff
      http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/How- … line-Brand
      and based on experience and advice from the Hub staff I was able to create an article about featured Hubs, I hope these links are of help! Welcome back!
      http://swilliams.hubpages.com/video/How … atured-Hub

    3. Marisa Wright profile image98
      Marisa Wrightposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      It's not surprising at all.  Hubs tend to earn more over time - the older they get the better they earn.   

      You say only two of your Hubs are still active.  Do you mean Featured?  I wrote a Hub suggesting what to do with unFeatured Hubs, you'll find it in the slider on my profile - I think you'll find it answers your question.

  2. bigfeet profile image79
    bigfeetposted 3 years ago

    Just keep everything and add more.

    As for the amazon/ebay setup, you can just drop products in and anyone that clicks them/purchases will provide you with bonuses.

  3. chriscamaro profile image95
    chriscamaroposted 3 years ago

    you mean to say that out of 67 hubs only 2 survived?  Seems like a lot of maintenance is required to keep the hubs working?

  4. Litany Notch profile image76
    Litany Notchposted 3 years ago

    chriscamaro - these hubs were from 2009 or at best 2011 and some are pretty bad!

  5. swilliams profile image85
    swilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Lol! Welcome back Litany, time seasons us all. :-) Great topics & Not bad at all!

  6. coleikerd profile image81
    coleikerdposted 3 years ago

    A friend told me even the bad articles you've written leave a web footprint, and still bring in traffic. As this person is a quite well off from blogging, I trust his word. His advice would be this:

    Fix what you can, and fix what you can't (rewrite it) but DON'T delete any of them. At worst, the bad articles chronicle your progress. Most likely they provide a point for people who might not otherwise see your work. Add photos, and videos if possible. Even if you need to rewrite to make that work.

    I paraphrased, but he said almost exactly that to me. Good luck.

  7. Availiasvision profile image84
    Availiasvisionposted 3 years ago

    Welcome back.  If your hubs are over 700 words, and have 1-3 pictures they will most likely be featured.  Even poetry should have a picture. 

    It is helpful to organize your hubs into categories, that way readers will click on your hubs of the same topic.  You no longer have to "tag" your hubs to drive topical traffic. 

    A hub that picks up traffic usually has over a thousand words, rich media, polls, charts, maps, ect. Keyword research will give it a better chance with google or bing.

  8. The Examiner-1 profile image74
    The Examiner-1posted 3 years ago

    Welcome back Litany. Perhaps the inactive Hus have not had traffic and need to be updated and brought up to date, if you can.

  9. enjoy life profile image79
    enjoy lifeposted 3 years ago

    Welcome back Litany. I also was away from Hubpages for a couple of years and came back to find many changes.

    The first is that they have a much higher standard for writing, to ensure quality. This means that hubs which previously seemed fine may now drop below the quality to be featured.

    This provides a great opportunity to go through your hubs and make revisions.

    If any hubs have hardly ever drawn in traffic, then it may be worth getting rid of them. However editing could improve their traffic.

    Take the time to go through each of your hubs and see how you can improve them to increase their score. I did this, and still have a couple to work on.

    You want each hub to have a score above 65, although the higher the better. Also you want to improve your hubs to increase your personal score above 85. These two scores being above those amounts will mean your hubs get indexed in search engines. Below that and they will not, meaning you are losing traffic as people will not find those hubs in searches in places like google.

    You can also improve your personal huber score (shown on your profile on your picture) by answering questions, commenting on other people's hubs and participating in the forum. Hubpages likes people who get involved and add to the community, and read other people's hubs.

    It can take a bit of time and effort to get it all running properly again, however it is worth it.

    Follow the tips on the page when you edit a hub. There are recommendations on number of words, images and other features that encourage interaction.

    If I think of anything else, I'll comment. I haven't used amazon and eBay so don't have any advice for those


  10. Rochelle Frank profile image95
    Rochelle Frankposted 3 years ago

    You don't have to be in a hurry to do anything with your hubs. I wouldn't trash anything immediately. Go back and improve the ones you like, or that seem to have some promise, as you have time.

  11. phoebe180 profile image73
    phoebe180posted 3 years ago

    hello litany, I'm also wondering what to do with my other unFeatured hubs, thanks for bringing this up...i've also been away for too long and I rewrite some of my hubs and unpublished the others who doesn't meet the standards... sad too say, I have 91 hubs and only 24 of them are still alive.

    Hi Marisa, I'll look into your hub suggestions later, glad that you wrote some tips, it will be of great help.

  12. willvanderberg profile image85
    willvanderbergposted 3 years ago

    Hi Litany,

    Welcome back smile

    I am in the same boat, I have literally been gone from HubPages for 4 years. Came back out of curiosity, after I noticed that somehow my hubs were still earning me a dollar or 2 in Google AdSense. It is surprising to see which of your hubs are actually bringing in the traffic. It was to me, anyway.

    Here's what I did:

    1) I unpublished the hubs that weren't good enough: no or barely any traffic, low score, outdated beyond repair. I did this to improve my overall Hub Score.

    2) I joined the HubPages Earnings Program after reading about other people's experiences. So far it seems to bring in more money than Google AdSense alone and I like how it is based on impressions, not clicks perse.

    3) I re-edited my good Hubs: added a summary (important!), fixed my Amazon & eBay blocks, double checked the readability of paragraphs (scanability), reworded if needed. Updated outdated information. I also added more eye candy, such as photos & quotes. If done right it really improves the flow of your articles.

    4) I organised my Hubs in Hub Groups, so that related hubs would get exposure at the bottom of the popular Hub.

    5) I am in the middle of becoming more active in the HubPages community: follow successful writers that I admire & who's success I look to emulate, the forums. I comment where I feel I have something to contribute and obviously, I take care of comments on my own articles.

    6) If I see ways to expand upon the popular articles I add more information. If there is a recurring theme among the popular articles and there's more where that came from, I'll consider writing new articles.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Litany Notch profile image76
    Litany Notchposted 3 years ago

    Thank-you for this and to all others who have commented - excellent advice and I will put it into effect.